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  1. Ngl, the game would be much better if they removed every hero launched after Solstice's patch (including Solstice).
  2. Region: BR Console: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/922217/LuecYOvtOmzFBu6T/console.log OS: Windows 10 Client: 64x Edit: I wasn't recieving this error before the latest patch. Not using a mobile connection.
  3. Got Dc'ed mid match followed by the No Response from Server thing when trying to reconnect. My internet is 100% fine.
  4. I understand that the jungle camp recieved a change so heroes like Parasite and Ophelia could be less useless picks. What I would like to discuss here is the fact that this change doesn't really help those heroes that much in the early game but instead makes Draconis too strong in the early game. I know that Draconis using the jungle level 3 is something that the other team can counter and it possible creates a new dynamic for Mid Wars but, what I would like to say is that it generates an advantage to Draconis' team. The current situation of the camp provides Draconis with an extremely sa
  5. Shadowblade, Lord Salforis, Ravenor, Maliken and War Beast!
  6. Perfect ping, but the server is more or less unstable sometimes, a couple of mini-dcs, could be only me tho.
  7. I would love to have non-mmr forests again
  8. Hell no. That's all, thank you for your attention.
  9. Our prayers have been answered and Icon was nerfed on Mid Wars. I STILL THINK IT SHOULD BE REMOVED FORM THE GAME MODE THO. Crazy snowball item who makes heroes that shouldn't be so tanky too tanky. Also, removing it from the game mode will balance some Intel heroes like Dr.Repulsor and Parallax. (and the other Intel heroes, really).
  10. It is possible, yes. Some heroes have been nerfed/buffed only for mid wars in the past.
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