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  1. Hi, Please contact the customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing the Match ID and these information.
  2. Hi, Sometimes when creating too many accounts, the system exceeds the limit given to your machine. But if we don't want to take this risk, please contact the customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing information of the new account you wish to have and it will be created for you.
  3. Purchasing from third party sellers may be dangerous. At first sight it you might consider it cheap, but think of it like a trap: a trap is not really expensive but catches greater values. From this perspective, unknown sources might, for example, "scam" you by tricking you into buying a $30 USD worth of coins for $5 USD, when they can possibly rob you for $50 USD as they wish. If you really do not know how to differentiate between the real Heroes of Newerth website and the fake one, if they really have similar domain names and design, the easiest way to figure out the real one is
  4. At some point, if you face a server issue where the server starts slowing down completely with DC icons, slow-motion-like, and kicks you out of the match without being given the ability to rejoin, then this is considered a severe issue and could possibly result in a revert of this match on your account, which means you will not lose the indicated MMR upon the start of the match. To do this, you have to contact the customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com. However, resort to this option if and only if the mentioned issues above apply.
  5. Hi, please contact the customer support at heroesofnewerth.com to get this issue fixed right away.
  6. Watchwalker

    Leave Clan

    This issue should be resolved by now. https://clans.heroesofnewerth.com/ is up and working again, as well as the in-game function. That being said, self-service of this feature is back, so there is no need to wait for manual help!
  7. Hi, that's partially correct. There's a technical difficulty in the in-game purchase system, but also be sure to be in the whitelist of countries that are allowed to purchase Gold Coins.
  8. Well, there is some art work as you see, if you take a look at the HoN Store you can find few new alt avatars.
  9. Watchwalker


    Hi, there is a certain debate on this. Contact customer support providing the name of the avatar and the username of the recipient, and it will be gifted to that player.
  10. Updated the Senior RCT List. Now you are able to ask the new Senior RCT members @GucciKD and @zaharus anything about RCT!
  11. Hi, contact the customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing the clan tag and your username to get removed from it.
  12. Watchwalker

    Leave Clan

    Hi, Contact the customer support team at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing the clan tag along with your username and you'll be removed from the clan. The team is also working to fix this as we speak.
  13. Hi, As discussed above, it is required that you contact customer support to resolve this issue. A list of required information will be sent to you in order to verify your identity. It is usually resolvable if this information is found to be veridical, and there should be no nisus on your end.
  14. Hi, The team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you feel like this happened to you, contact the customer support to seek help at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing the screenshot of the match in your history list along with the match ID and your username.
  15. Hi, this could probably be an issue on your end, since not everyone else is experiencing the same issue. However, you could ask for help in the appropriate sub-forum here, as this sub-forum is dedicated for more general discussions and important news. Thanks for understanding.
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