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  1. Hi, this could probably be an issue on your end, since not everyone else is experiencing the same issue. However, you could ask for help in the appropriate sub-forum here, as this sub-forum is dedicated for more general discussions and important news. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Hello fellow Newerthians, As you see, the new forums are totally up right now. This thread used to exist in the old forums, so most of you know what's coming, so I'll keep it as simple as possible! In all cases, I'm Watchwalker and together with @Lightwalkerand the rest of the Senior RCT Team, we manage what's called RCT, or Retail/Release Candidate Testers. What we actually do is test the upcoming updates on a side client which is up on a side server called Test (RC) Server, and is obviously different from the regular Heroes of Newerth client. The positive objective of
  3. Hi, the customer support help-desk is now available once again. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Oh yes. It's HoNiversary again. Should be lit this year, Newerthians!
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