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  1. ozilla

    Rampage Buff

    this bugs me as well, charges cancelled before completion
  2. first match of the day always crashes my Hon, within 1st minute
  3. I would love to see this as well! Awesome suggestion!
  4. you need to click on your hero to deselect the mines you dont want part of the "quick spam boom". It's an intended effect to allow engi to control a mine immediately after casting it, its up to you to remember to deselect it after casting.
  5. ozilla

    Rampage Buff

    Here here!
  6. I'm just saying... My staff suggestion for Engi... Tasty and balanced
  7. I thought that was still a thing... I have that flamboyant voice in my head saying "Kongor has been Slaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn"... is that not a thing?
  8. Wheres the lifesteal component for new symbol? Or would it no longer have a base lifesteal?
  9. Is there a way to add an indicator or a status showing Direct pathing being on? Or maybe an option in the settings to turn on/off visual cue?
  10. This has already been reported (and rejected) but it has lead to some frustrating situations in game when all components show up as purchased but one has to physically click on the grave locket to purchase the final "recipe" piece to complete it.
  11. The forum and website is also taking forever to load, is there a DDOS going on? Haven't been able to login 7 times after exiting the game (after not being able to join 5 games in a row)
  12. Looks like it's time to nerf his staff! 100% necessary for him to be viable
  13. Hi there! I posted this in a different forum for "Staff suggestions" but a due to congestion and the possibility of it being lost to the clutter, a suggestion by Hubaris was made to add it here. Engineer: This should be done as a QoL: I think the Ultimate should spread over the center (over 0.5-1 seconds) which would make sense as a "generated electric field" should come from a source. Staff of the master effect would "Electric Boogaloo" - Ultimate is now a throwable tool (similar to mines, keg, and turret) of 500 range, Deals slightly more damage (maybe even a % of max health?) and when destroyed the electric field shrinks back into the center, dealing one more instance of damage to any enemies who have not walked out. At the end of the day Engi is classified as a support and not an initiator or ganker, so this would allow that same application without forcing engi to throw away his life or always spend on PKs for positioning. As an added comment to ElementUser about his criteria for "does it have new visuals"- We already have a spreading electrical circle in the form of Corrupted deciiple which im sure could be tweaked (and slowed) to allow engi to adapt parts of its code. No need to rewrite anything. Thoughts? I'm not too sure how to properly add this as a quote, but the link to the discussion is https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/459-staff-of-the-master-suggestions-thread/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-3520 TLDR: 1. As an electrical gadget that propagates electricity from a central point, makes sense for its initial placement to act like CD's Q or Frostfield plate, propogating said electric field from the center. 2. All of engineers creations (sans ulti) are Thrown Gadgets, Ultimate makes sense to be one as well (even as a short throw *Upgraded/2.0* version). 3. Staff Ultimate effect would allow the above changes, not make Engineer differ much from his current form, and still become a change that would fit well with his character and players seeking a little more usage from our inventive little guy. This change could also encourage an Engi player to fit better to his support role as well by giving him the option to invest into the Upgraded staff, helping his team further. Thanks for your input!
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