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  1. Isnt a bow by definition a combative item?
  2. I'm wondering if there has been any traction on Engineer updates, or is the Nerf this last patch the end of the discussion? I know we can't really know everything, but I'm just curious if anything has been considered/implemented in consideration?
  3. Oh please this would be great for really seeing how the pros move! Plus allows better analysis to be made.
  4. ozilla

    Rampage Buff

    this bugs me as well, charges cancelled before completion
  5. first match of the day always crashes my Hon, within 1st minute
  6. I would love to see this as well! Awesome suggestion!
  7. you need to click on your hero to deselect the mines you dont want part of the "quick spam boom". It's an intended effect to allow engi to control a mine immediately after casting it, its up to you to remember to deselect it after casting.
  8. I'm just saying... My staff suggestion for Engi... Tasty and balanced ?
  9. I thought that was still a thing... I have that flamboyant voice in my head saying "Kongor has been Slaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn"... is that not a thing?
  10. Wheres the lifesteal component for new symbol? Or would it no longer have a base lifesteal?
  11. Is there a way to add an indicator or a status showing Direct pathing being on? Or maybe an option in the settings to turn on/off visual cue?
  12. This has already been reported (and rejected) but it has lead to some frustrating situations in game when all components show up as purchased but one has to physically click on the grave locket to purchase the final "recipe" piece to complete it.
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