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  1. whilst dwindling down in 1500 video games, (seeking to hard help in that bracket, is worse than aids). i've a query that has been questioning. in case you're actually suitable at hon, can win mid 9/10 times, bring your team to victory, and so on... do you get bored? i suggest, i apprehend there are one-of-a-kind kinds of video games, mixtures; however does it ever get tedious - playing day in, day trip? simply something that turned into on my mind. cheeeers.
  2. i turned on digital help in my bios as i want to run digital machines for paintings related stuff, i have digital container hooked up, but hon is strolling bare steel and i haven't even created a virtual device yet, however hon is locking me out announcing i cannot play on a virtual system (which i'm now not). https://xender.vip/ i dug thru threads approximately it, and looks like i am sol if i want to genuinely paintings on same computer. is there any answer in case you are in truth no longer jogging the sport inside a vm? i do no longer have hyperv enabled. https://nox.tips/
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