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  1. i am the usage of garena to play hon however i don't know if there are any gamers. i simply queued for an hour lengthy and observed no one. i even tried to play bots with real human beings but there is still no humans left. sea server and garena does not have any gamers left. i want to play hon since it offers the complexity of dota [W3] and dota 2. and i love video games like the ones. so i am asking if there are any servers that'd be stable with sea. on account that i can't recognise my ping for hon, the use of league of legends for instance, i ge
  2. this wishes to be slightly nerfed. the price at which it can be moved once more is ridiculous. with personnel, it last 20 seconds, with a 50 2nd quiet down, so its always hitting us. we were dying in the properly constantly, as this pylon of dying stalks us throughout the map. it has a slow effect because it is able to migra vshare te so fast, we cant hit the 5-6 instances required to kill it. this wasnt a game of midwars, in foc this ult with staff can https://omegle.onl/ stalk gamers and if you are melee, true luck, simply circulate the pylon into the timber, and keep to hit you, tp, no
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