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  1. Increasing the cooldown on Codex should really just be enough. Keeping it static 30 seconds on each level and maybe buffing the stats a bit might me a good idea.
  2. As you might know, Dutch (or someone else) started a new trend recently - play on "random only" accounts, meaning that you can only select a random hero playing on a certain account. I have found this idea quite interesting and challenging, and want to purpose some similar challenges for you to do. Random only account. Pretty normal - just pick a random hero every game. All heroes random only. To start, you must select all the heroes as "Favorite" in Learnatorium. Next, when the game starts, click on a Favorite filter and random a hero. If you win, remove the Favorite mark from the
  3. Basically right now one of the aspect you need to consider winning the game is to be able to collaborate with 4 other ppl and 1) Pick all the lanes so that you can be effective in game 2) Get fun from the game. Usually, at least for 1 or 2 players, one of these aspects is missing from the game. Either you're playing on the role you don't like to play, or you don't know how to play. It's true for almost all the games, and especially for the Legendary+ ranks. Here players are usually good at 1, maximum 2 roles meaning that Legendary is the rank of you playing Carry and Jungle, for example. This
  4. Well, I believe that the role selection should not restrict you to pick certain hero, it's just a matter of what you do in the game. For example, if you queue with support role selected, going mid or farm will definitely should be treated as a grief. For a jungle role, it could be merged with position 3 (long lane), this way the player will have a possibility to choose where to go when the game starts. In any case, the role selection should only give an opportunity for a team to report a player if he goes to a different lane/role without agreeing with the other team (swap role should also be p
  5. Well, we have a LoL where you can select 1 main and 1 secondary role in q, we have Dota 2 with straight-up ranked roles, basically it's much harder to find a MOBA WITHOUT ranked roles.
  6. Any chances to see ranked roles game queue in HoN? Like the one we have in DOTA, LOL and any other MOBA these days? I'm sick and tired of 2-3 ppl calling mid and fighting each other the whole game to get some lasthits. And I'm talking about some silver games - the players are actually much more adequate in this rank and can adapt. The issue is really about the diamond/legendary games, where you can easily find a game with 2 guys who call mid and ignore each other. Thanks.
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