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  1. Ye I think that is the case. Both me and my 2 friends can't even create new accounts. Doesn't matter from which wireless or computer. Would be nice if someone could show mercy
  2. Hi - maybe I can get an answer here. 4 weeks ago I went to a LAN party to play HoN with 2 friends. One of them told me, that he owns several silver accounts with low mmr that he got for leaving games etc. We then started playing 3-man queue. Normal games, no griefing or anything, as I don't do this kind of stuff. Suddenly ALL of our accounts got banned. Not only the accounts of my friend, but also my accounts and the accounts of my other friend. Appealing these bans led to nothing and I don't know, why all 3 of us got punished for something that me and my friend weren't even
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