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  1. I played this game for 10+ years on shitty laptops, apart from bad frames my game ran fine, i upgraded less than a month ago to a 5600x cpu, 3070ti strix gpu, 32 gb 3600mhz ram, b550 asus rog mobo. And i play a lot of midwars.
    Things i can't do anymore in hon: Play bubbles, ellonia, staff behemoth, tempest, place revelation wards down and play any hero that places something down in AOE.
    Things i tried to resolve the issue: Run all low graphics, run all high graphics, reinstall 64bit client, reinstall 32bit client, go in practice mode, run as administrator, run on OPENGL and none of the above worked i'm absolutely defeated by this situation.
    Such a shame upgrading to a beast pc  made me unable to play HoN. I know elementuser adressed this issue multiple times before and there's no clear fix that i found. I'm just posting this here to let you all know my situation and maybe it might help to find a fix.

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