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  1. Hi

    Recently I tested the Sacrificial Stone with Jeraziah's "Q" (Heal).
    While the "+15% Healing Done" works as intended, Jeraziah's "Q" states:

    "Target an ally unit to heal it for 90/180/270/360 Health while damaging enemies around it for the same amount in magic damage."

    By using a sacrificial stone the damage portion seems not to be as dynamically coded as the heal portion is, meaning although you heal more with Jera's "Q" you always deal a static amount of 360 magic damage with it.

    Now either the wording of the skill is misleading and it works as intended (in this case the wording should be changed so that it states it always deals a static amount of damage) OR it is really a bug and could be addressed.


    Thanks in advance

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