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  1. Hey guys, this post must have been made a thousand times by now but I thought I'd try and make a contribution or start a new discussion.  

    Been playing HoN since it came out and it's always been me and my friends favourite game. It IS the best MOBA out there on the market without question however lately I've been trying to put myself in the shoes of new players entering HoN. It's gotta be absolutely terrifying.  

    I'd like to share a small part of my somewhat recent journey ranking down to almost 1400mmr. I think I was at 1560 - 1600mmr when I ran into some really heavy losses which is nothing unusual and it happens from time to time.  The opponents were simply better. But once I got under 1500mmr things started getting... slightly annoying. The amount of toxic players and trolls below 1500mmr seems to be in my opinion endless. There's always that one dude not reading chat, picking w/e he or she wants and if that person doesn't get their way they refuse to participate in teamfights or just plain feed on purpose. Once I got under 1500mmr I started disconnecting out of pure frustatration because the games were so freaking bad which of course resulted in even lower mmr which made things worse. That's on me but I can imagine a lot of people doing the same thing and the cycle continues, all because of people not behaving correctly. Bad picks, bad attitude, I get the impression that so many play for themselves and not for their team in that rating. 

    Now I know, just play and get a higher rating and it's true higher rated games are more enjoyable, of course. I managed to climb out of that pit of hell via premade games with friends. But I am not talking about myself, current players, veterans, but new ones. New players who don't have anyone to premade with who are in a sense "forced" to solo-que. Are there any type of statistics of new players creating accounts and actually staying? It's hard to obtain perhaps but would be interesting to know. I understand of course that many trolls and toxic people just create new accounts in order to get around being reported. 

    How are we, as a community, supposed to get new players to join us and also keep them? This is the best game in the world and I want it to grow. 

    I understand as well that every game has these problems it's just that in HoN it feels 1000x worse but perhaps thats also because I care so much about the game. Would it be possible to introduce some sort of feature that rewards the player for playing good, atleast in those lower brackets, for the new players? I'm just brainstorming of the top of my head but what if after the game is done, you can give people votes (like in csgo) such as *good teacher* / *good communication* etc and that player recieves some silver or a low-cost skin? 

    Please make any suggestions you can and share your experiences, perhaps this is not as common as I would like to think it is. 


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