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  1. You're welcome. If anything more like this shows up. Please make a support ticket to let us know ?
  2. Hello. We're aware of the issue and working on it. Don't worry, you'll be free in no time ? Thank you for your understanding. Regards.
  3. I am not completely 100% sure. But I believe that "Dark Succubus is a remodel of that old one.
  4. We ran into some issues with this alt. Therefore we have removed it for now, so if you wish for a refund for the alt, please contact customer support and they'll help you out. We are working on a fix for the alt, so if you decide not to refund it, it'll appear on your account again when the fix is applied.
  5. If you're not participating, atleast make sure you're watching the stream. I will be there with some riggaways between games, so don't miss your chance on some free alts!
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