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  1. Hey! Yes we do cycle them from time to time within different events such as: Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials Where you can vote for what you want to see in the plinko and specials page. There is also 1 more week of flash sales so you could wish merrick to put it in the last flash sale, found here: Regards -Saph<3
  2. Hello fellow Newerthians! we are happy to announce that as indicated several weeks ago, another Trivia Event is about to happen. Below some details: Date: Saturday, January 9th, 2021 Time: 10pm CET aka 22:00 o'clock (that's 4pm Washington D.C.) Place: on our Official HoN Discord Server (a specific channel, will be opened to the public in time for the event) Rules: see #trivia-rules channel on the Discord Server Prizes: Prizes as well as some changes will be announced separately within the next two weeks as we finish up polishing of our Bot. (shoutout to Lightwalke
  3. Hey everybody! The 4th week of flash sales are live! New specials are live: Black Tortoise 15% Gargoyle 30% Wing-back 20% God of Fortune 25% Paku 25%
  4. Hey everybody and happy holidays! I have updated the flash sales and due to the delay on my end I have spiced up this sale and will do an extra week of flash sales aswell! So grab them while they're available! Ends - 27th of dec. Miku Announcer - 15% off The Playmaker - 20% off Robotron - 25% off Kyugo - 30% off Pixelkeeper - 25% off
  5. I have an answer for that! They were all requests I've taken across different streams
  6. Second round of flash sales are live! HoN Tour Cthulhu 15% General 20% Pandasoul 25% Geosynch Sapphire 30% Samuel L. Jackson Pack 25%
  7. HO HO HO The real santa is over at this thread! See you there!
  8. The first flash sales are up! Brunhild - 15% off Topaz - 20% off Arctos - 25% off Punk Announcer pack - 25% off Purgatory - 30% off
  9. Greetings travelers! Winter is coming to newerth, and with it comes a month of weekly flash sales and I would like to hear what YOU want to see on the flash sales! So I figured I'd make a forum post to see what the community would like to see on the flash sale. It'll be a total of 20 alts/items during the entire month. So simply write what alt you wish to see on the flash sale and I'll see what Merrick allows us to do! Rules: Certain items are automatically exempt, including (but not limited to): subaccounts, stat resets, hero mastery boosts, exclusive name colours (e.g.
  10. Hey! I suggest you to check out the latest videos uploaded to our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/heroesofnewerth Regards
  11. Hey everybody! We're working hard on the christmas patch that will come with alot of fun stuff. However I did just deploy one of the things abit earlier in honor of black friday getting closer and closer. I have permanently reduced the gold prices of ALL alt avatars in the store, everything between 10-30% reduction! Enjoy - Frostburn Studios
  12. Hello fellow Newerthians! we have fantastic news for you: On November 14th we are launching our first ever HoN-Trivia event on our official Discord (if you have not already joined it, you can do so HERE) To participate you only need to be part of our server and have a discord-account that is verified via Mobile Phone (security measurement). The game will be hosted in multiple rounds, each consisting of a question that is related to our beloved game. Those may vary from item related questions, to heroes, abilities, even cool downs or other details and the first correctly posted answ
  13. Hello. There is currently a problem with the chat server where it randomly ban people for 70k minutes ish. We are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. When we've fixed the problem it'll remove the tmm suspension automatically. Thank you for reporting the bug and for your patience. -Saphirez
  14. Saphirez

    Battle Pass

    To be fair we've had new alts the past few patches. and spoiler alert, there will be more ^^
  15. Greetings! Our official Discord channel is up and running now! We are excited to announce our official Discord server for the international client to bring players together, like our FB page, this server is another official way to interact with Staff, volunteers and hang out with players to talk about game and anything else you feel like sharing. Use the following Link to join our official Channel and make sure to read the rules ? http://heroesofnewerth.com/discord (original link: https://discord.gg/F7gQtUm) Like most Discord servers, the official HoN Discord server
  16. Hello! The store feature is currently disabled (enabled in some seasons only). However, you could still gift your friend through us via a customer support ticket here : https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/new-ticket Just upload the transaction ID, your friend's username and the amount you wish to gift said player. Regards ?
  17. Hi! If you find the behaviour bannable, then simply use the RAP option ingame and let the GMs decide ? Regards.
  18. We have fixed the issue with Paragon riftwalker and behemoth upgrades. we will look into the others too. Ty.
  19. Saphirez

    Valk Arrow.

    Valks arrow having longer cooldown then it supposed to with and without staff. https://imgur.com/a/mFaG10y
  20. The chat server derped itself, a simple restart of it fixed it.
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