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  1. Hey. Alt avatars don't randomly dissapear and we don't remove them. The only cases where alts have gone missing is when accounts has been merged from other clients and some kind of error have occured. But I see that all your alts are still there, not a single one removed.
  2. You can toss customer support a ticket, they'll help you out
  3. First off, EA and debut are not the same. but to answer your question, no they can not.
  4. Hey! I have edited the alts. The issue with the balphagore should be gone. However there is an alt called Chalawn in the game so not sure what you're having trouble with there, I do see it has been added to your account. Hit me up on discord if you find anything else, since I am abit more active there
  5. Saphirez

    silver coins

    Hello! Here is a list of what you need to be available for the multipliers from top to bottom: Ussuri (Gauntlet) Nothing Uproar (Flux) URSA Bonus I (1.2x Silver) Kodia (Devourer) URSA Wildflower Maize (Name Color) Axia (Moraxus) URSA Bonus II (1.4x Silver) Barrage (Bombardier) URSA Taunt Scoria (Magmus) URSA Bonus III (1.6x Silver) Gunclaw (Gunblade) URSA Courier Grizzington (Sir Benzington) URSA Bonus IV (1.8x Silver) Arctos (The Gladiator) URSA Corps Announcer Pack Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms) URSA Bonus V (2.0x Silver) if/when you
  6. Happy HoNiversary! As I can't wait any longer, we're gonna start early! starting NOW until 30th june, ALL the following alts are available for purchase: ALL Debut Alts ALL Gold Collection Alts ALL Limited Edition Alts ALL Holiday Edition Alts Make haste and grab the alts while you can and once again, Happy HoNiversary!
  7. Hello! This would be the place of dreams! IF the alt you request is chosen to be on sale in the store and said alt has a silver price to begin with, the alt will be available with a reduction on the gold price, but also available for full silver price. In your case I do believe that Daemon Dragoon EW goes for 4500 silver. however if it's added to the plinko redemption cycle, then it's tickets only. Regards
  8. UPDATED! Month Name Ticket Cost May Aluna Red Riding Hood 700 May Geosynch Sapphire 600 May Paku Devourer 1200 May Super Taunt 1300 May Tesla Cannon Nitro 1200 May Da Qiao 700 May Mecha Gemini 620 May LightGunblade 1200 May Songkran Adrenaline 620
  9. This is correct, GMs have no ingame powers and can not force remake a game or overrule the vote to remake, hell not even I got that Access. So unless there were actual verbal abuse then this GM did nothing wrong. I know alot of people think that a "Game Master" has alot of powers within a game but that is not the case, these are volunteer players that take their time out of their day to use a tool outside of the game to review reports. The only thing they got ingame that differs from a "normal" player is the maroon name color as a status symbol. I hope this cl
  10. Month Name Ticket Cost April invader Ravenor 1900 April F.L.E.X Flint 1200 April Mercury 500 April Super Taunt 1300 April Plumb Crazy Zerker 420 April Hang Jebat 1200 April Arctic Harrier 1200 April Overly Attached Empath 300 April Keeper of the green 500
  11. March cycle is live! Birthday Basher 500 Cake Snake 500 Gamerblade 400 Super Taunt 1300 Mountain Dew Monkey King 420 Europa 500 Arctic Harrier 1200 Blitzen 400 Shinigami Gravekeeper 1200 Eclipse 420
  12. I should make this clear, that trophy alts were never supposed to be in the plinko to begin with.
  13. bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.. all trophy alts are gone from the plinkeroo
  14. Hey! I will look into this! But for now you can open a customer support ticket and tell them which ones you want to unlock and what currency you want to use, I am sure they'll help you out
  15. Nope. They just didn't make the cut this round as I use a random generator to pick the products
  16. Februarys cycle is now live ! Name Ticket Cost Chaos berzerker 1200 Jackpot name color 700 Cowardly Night Hound 900 Savior Pebbles 800 Firefighter Shaman 500 Lust 800 Osho 600 BreakyCPK Pack 400 Wraith of diamonds 500 Savior Legionnaire 800
  17. It's not an error, Limited edition and Holiday edition avatars will be sold during events or sales. Regards
  18. Hey! Fifth stickied forum post under the general discussions is the discord post. You can also access it here : www.heroesofnewerth.com/discord Regards
  19. Hey. I apologize for the late reply. But the change was announced in the Store channel on the discord where you can talk directly to me about store related topics and follow the latest updates on the store. If any of you missed it you can toss me a DM on discord we could have a small chat and see what can be done in your case. Regards.
  20. Plinko Exchange Desk - Vote for the products you want to see in the Plinko Exchange! Hello! So there will be some slight changes to the Plinko redemption desk. From now on I will use THIS post to grab requests for the redemption page throughout the entire year and cycle the Ticket Exchange Desk monthly! This means that some of the rules below are also changed, so please read them carefully! Rules 12 votes per participant. No going onto subaccounts or other accounts to skew your votes, we will know & you will be penalized for doing so. Please make you
  21. This is most likely due to the gold coin reduction event is over on the back end but for some reason is not displaying in game, the price is 2500. I will look into this, but I believe this is the case.
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