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  1. Yes, the point here is different: 1. Most hardline heroes have been heavily weakened in the last few patches (except for Bubbles), while supports, on the contrary, are able to kill them without any problems. 2. In the correct hardline gameplay, the hero must move into the forest if he is not able to overcome the safe line of the enemy. 3. The most popular junglers are capable of carry and can gank without losing money or farming. For example, Solst has too strong abilities to gank and farm, while by himself he is too fat to be easily killed. The rest of the heroes are about the same. J
  2. The only way to protect the game from the Smurfs is to link each account to a specific computer. If something is wrong at the lane stage - pick and lane errors are a strategy problem, we are not here a Shooter. And here again there are balance problems - the supports are too strong, and the hardliners are still too weak. Well, and the most important thing is to reduce the number of votes required to make a decision, because we have every 3 people who press "no" at all votes
  3. Since when does a normal Doctor bring the game to late-game. He can still use items while flying, he still has frantic farm potential. He's just a killing machine and if he has weaknesses that's good. We already have at least 5 heroes whose "weaknesses" exist only on the forum.
  4. PK, SOTM, Twin Blades combo make them good hero Torrent can avoid Null, passive can get free farm and cs.
  5. I think I am wrong now. Since sometimes it comes out under 150 A couple of years ago there was a wave when a lot of people took the Devourer turned on 2 and stood at the fountain until the end of the game. They probably had APM 0, I think if you make the limit somewhere around 15 (correct if not right) and as protection from hackers up to some conditional 300 (correct if not right)
  6. Amun-Ra Path of Destruction Become Superiour Magic Ashes to Ashes Maximum of charges up to 100.
  7. Circe Twisted Visage Blocks 1 random ability on the target of the spell for 15 sec. Ability block Cannot be removed.
  8. In principle, people with too low APM should be punished, as this is a sure sign of trolling.
  9. Hi! Check this https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  10. I agree, the MMR for leaving the game is only -10, if you are 100% sure that you are only wasting your time and nerves - leave, and if possible Concede. Moreover, the chance of the trolls hitting you 2 times in a row is practically zero, and if the problem is only with the troll, it will not be a problem for you to win these 10 mmr.
  11. And to solve this problem there is one unpopular and unloved way by almost no one: 1 second killer. I take Blitz - his combo kills one or two heroes before the battle. Unfortunately this is a normal balance problem, in 6 or 10 matches there are at least 6 random bans. I think it would be great if the game would automatically ban the most popular heroes on MW if the player didn't choose anything.
  12. So use the forum. It's not about the players, it's about the balance of the game that allows it.
  13. I noticed one not pleasant moment. Moraxus using Infinite-Bladed Matraxe (SOTM boosted Ulti) has approximately 1.5 sec cooldown to cast More Axes from attack or use abilities. This is especially noticeable when using Twin Blades, although it is not written in the SOTM description that there is a cooldown between More Axes procs. It would be great if the Infinite-Bladed Matraxe's attacks and abilities activated More Axes without cooldown. Thanks!
  14. To be honest, the current version of Kinesis is much more interesting and powerful. The only drawback is the frankly weak characteristics and low range of abilities.
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