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  1. Hi I got a new hero suggestion sorry for bypassing your thread. His name: Turban Trickster Image: https://ibb.co/0qzjXqQ Abilities: 1: Toxic potion - throw a green potion dealing 100/150/200/250 damage and slowing the target by 40% for 3 seconds. 2: Flame projectile - similiar to midas 1st move where a arrow is made to cast the spell in the direction it's facing causing 80 damage and stunning for 3/4/5/6 seconds. 3: 3rd wheel - Gain wind around carpet increasing movement speed by 30/50/70/90% for 6 seconds. 4: Column of flames - summons 4 towers around him af
  2. Also upgradable 3 levels increasing the damage to 60 damage and finally 80 damage.
  3. I also got a new item suggestion: Fated Relic: Ingredients: icebrand + steamboots + soulscream ring +30 damage +15% movement speed increase +dot the target dealing 200 damage over 4 seconds. (castable) (60 second cooldown)
  4. I got a hero suggestion: Name: Father of toys Skills: 1- Hells cast: Throw a fireball and incinerate the target dealing 150/200/225/250 damage and slowing the target for 3 seconds. 2- Brainboil: Increase primary attribute by 10/11/12/13 passively. 3-Swap attribute: Swap between strength/intelligence/agility as primary attribute. 4-Seismic column: Gain 50% movement speed increase for 5/6/7 seconds.
  5. Ingredients: Brass knuckles + Fortified bracer Stats: 15+ strength 10+ agility 17 + damage 15% attack speed increase Image: https://ibb.co/PcMtN24
  6. Hey guys/gals check out my item suggestion here: https://ibb.co/g39fCK7
  7. Please fix the ladder it's not working, there is no names on the ranking system.
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