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  1. It's ok I deleted Avast, but I still don't understand what happened to HoN. Did somebody else took it over? Anyway I played one game after fixing it and I cannot play no more, it disconnected me saying I dont have all the files on the servers, this is a joke. Im uninstalling this thing. Thanks for help anyway.
  2. I'm just wondering after year or two of not playing, like what the actual f**** is this piece of c**p? I downloaded the client, 6gbs on the slowest internet in whole Europe (unfortunately I live in barbaric UK), then free c**p program called Avast antivirus deleted HoN.exe because it's a threat, existing in quarantine but not possible to recover due to error. Ofcourse I have to redownload entire client because something like Repair doesn't exist anymore... What the F**K?? @_@ Such a terrible experience, what happened to this game?
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