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  1. hi, as a kinda ordinary novice in mobas (handiest experience being a couple years in lol, didn't get without a doubt excessive even no matter that, the average silver/gold pleb), how tough will it be for me to get into hon and the way hard/long of a gaining knowledge of curve could there be? and additionally, what guides are there that would help in that regard? also, how lively would the servers be? are there 30+ minute queues watching for a suit, or is it nevertheless energetic enough to maintain a decent amount of fits? oh, and every other thing - what heroes could you suggest con
  2. Giving some background, I'm a dota 2 player and I've been quite bored with that game and decided to come back to HoN which I played 10 games years ago. I'm just wondering when will the free heroes recycle or will they even? Also, are there any options to turn off auto attack? Besides that I realized that HoN map is extremely dark and making it harder to know the exact location of trees. Kinda sad for me cuz it limits the amount of juke you can have with trees as most of the time you'll cut the wrong tree. Would appreciate some idea about the meta ATM.
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