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  1. I did not want to start a new topic but since you guys are giving away tips I might as well tell you what I have recently discovered with Revenant. To use defile(Q), and mortification(W), you don't actually need to target someone, you just need to double press Q or W and it activates! Maybe you all knew that already but I was so happy when I found out about it that I thought I ought to share this discovery!
  2. I feel you man but that happens mostly in low ranked games and I wouldnt say it's 99% of the games. I must admit I am not familiar with this "ready check system" you are suggesting, as I have never played lol but it sounds like if you are not there when this check starts the game won't begin? Because if that's the case I wouldn't want it but I would suggest other things, like more severe punishments for those who leave or rewards for those who start at a disadvantage
  3. sorry for the late reply. I did not know that and certainly I have never noticed a notification about players being in my banlist/ignore list. I get your point about the banlist thing TruLe, it just saddens me that Hon seems to have a "low player base". I love Hon so much that if it were for me it would be at the top. Take care
  4. Guys I'm about to enlighten you with a wonderful idea! (hope so :P) In my previous post regarding this topic you people made me realize that what I was hoping to obtain may be hard to implement. So here's the new thing: What if, instead of avoiding games with ignored or banlisted players, the system simply tells you with a message that a player was ignored or banlisted and he is now playing with or against you? This would be good for 2 reasons: First, you get warned that you are in a game with players you have ignored/banlisted and who knows? you might get along with them this tim
  5. yeah, it really is low priority! Thanks for the thorough explanation, I appreciate it
  6. I hope someone with more info about it will fully explain why it was removed and why it can't be brought back. I appreciate your answer though, thanks datfizh
  7. Considering that I have no idea how many players are actually active every day, I suggested this hoping that the number is higher than what people think. However, if the implementing of this idea would actually increase the average wait time, I already have a solution: Were a banned player happen to be in your team, the system could easily warn you before starting the game. "A player that you have banned will be in your team, would you like to start the game regardless? Yes or No" In this case, it's up to the player whether to wait more time or play with a banned player. No hate at all
  8. @TruLeLiLoLOLI believe you have not fully understood what I wrote. I'm quoting you: "nobody will be able to be matched against anyone" That is where you are wrong, because I simply suggested to not have them IN your team not in the enemy's team (which means you can have them against)
  9. Good afternoon fellow Newerthians! This topic is very important to me. As you have probably noticed, addind players to your banlist does not prevent you from having them in your team again. Wouldn't it be great if the banlist actually worked in ranked normal games? Because, let's be honest, nobody plays public anymore. As of now, adding players to banlist is totally useless and nothing is more frustrating to know that no matter what, you might find banned players as your teammates again! I really hope lots of you guys will feel the same way about this topic and maybe we'll have FB f
  10. Hello everybody! I was so disappointed when I found out "rolling" wasn't working anymore. I do not know about you guys, but I would convince people fighting over lanes to roll for it. Whoever gets the highest roll gets the lane their are fighting for! Simple and fair at the same time. Don't you agree? Let's have it back!
  11. I agree with you Argos. They cost just as much as wards of sight. Therefore, they should be displayed in stats. Not together with wards of sight though.
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