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  1. Now when the game has finally started to get more attention can we start seriously discussing the possibility of putting all CIS region players on the same team and leave the rest of the EU players on the other team. If they are playing on EU servers can we at least make them wait a bit longer for algorithm to find 5 russian players to put them on the same team. This way you dont ruin the experience of EU players who can communicate among each other. I know this has been discussed before but now with hon seamingly being more active can we get enough support behind this initiat
  2. Server EU 82 just had serious life issues and decided to periodically dc everyone, kinda sad. Lost us the game but stats were recorded. Just a heads up for players to rmk that server.
  3. Thanks EU for acknowledgment of the efforts of people involved and trusting the community, much love ?
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction. There is a good tournament happening under the leadership of hon reborn, I would like to talk with someone who can approve a sort of support in terms of gold or silver coins as a prize pool. Let me be clear, I just need an email or something where I can reach people who have the authority to do this.
  5. why did they erase all the threads?
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