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  1. While you do seem to have a decent grasp of how midwars works, as should be expected after 6500 games played you have made a couple of downright silly/incorrect statements. Lets start with the symbol of rage, it is very easily countered with one item which is 1500 gold cheaper, spiked bola. As for the nerf or buff to heroes, i agree that heroes which gain benefit frrom +kills/assist are inherently a lot stronger in midwars, it is still quite simple to play around them. The discussion around range carries however is a joke, while flint, tarot, moa and artillery are strong they are quite simple to play around as well. Especially tarot where you can purge both the e and w with a nullfire or sandsceptre. A lot of people are throwing around names of heroes which they consider to be under-performing however i would counter that they are most likely playing the heroes in a sub-optimal fashion, especially salomon, if played correctly you can get to 700+ gpm by 6 minutes and have an easy early core item. In my experience, midwars is about utility 90% of the time the team with the most/appropriate utility will win. Yes that means early astro, but more than that it's activatables such as sheep/nullfire/sandsceptre/hellflower/bola and team fight items like dreamcatcher/barrier/frostfield/deamonic making the real difference in close games. In my experience many players just like seeing the big numbers and try to build every hero hard carry and then get confused why they're not winning team fights. Now the improvements that I mentioned in an earlier post (which have been implemented) were map balance specific and this is what we should be looking at when it comes to midwars balance, does the map favour one team over the other, is it easier for one team to gain resources, is it easier for one team to move around the map, at the moment while being fairly balanced there are some imbalances in the map favouring one team or the other. I think if any improvements were to be made they should be focused around this. I think the tl;dr from this is hero balance in midwars is fine, the map layout however can be improved.
  2. It appears that the midwars updates listed in the patch notes have not gone live, bounty rune still spawning from the north every 30 seconds, legion base has not been rearranged unsure of snotter boss dropping doombringer. All mmr is however visible now, so that change has gone live.
  3. Can personally say that while Salomon is under appreciated in midwars he is an absolute force to be reckoned with if played correctly. I would like to see some balance down around the neutral camp as right now it heavily favours the hellbourne team. (read non-jungle heroes can jungle it with little risk and gain huge advantages) In regards to the current patch i would also like to see the location of the bounty rune spawn changed and the regularity of it lowered as well, currently this also heavily favours the hellbourne.
  4. Something I've been meaning to report for a while but i keep forgetting, banning pick will only show the first 10 bans, regardless of which combination of players makes those bans, this often leads to duplicate bans (several players trying to ban the same hero) biggest instance of this I've seen is 5 bans used on the one hero. I believe this because the second ban was added afterwards and coded in as a blind ban. However this can lead to people not realising their bans have counted (as they are not showing) and using both bans on the same hero.
  5. Encountered today, enemy team was able to pick balphagore in a midwars single draft game. Hero is supposed to be disabled
  6. Having played a couple of midwars games now, I don't really care all that much about whether or not the MMR is visible, 90% of the time high midwars mmr players know who the other high mmr players are anyway. I do however have an issue with the bounty rune that spawns every 30 seconds, it is beyond a joke. The spawn heavily favours the hellbourne side of the map and it allows pretty much any hero to jungle with a bottle, gaining gpm boost every 30 seconds and basically infinite bottle charges with almost no threat from the legion because of the layout of the map. If the hellbourne has a semi-agressive team then this bounty rune basically allows the hellbourne to gain a risk free gold and exp advantage. Now warding the neutral camp *potentially* prevents it being farmed however in several games i have encountered players willing to aggressively counter blocked camps and will still be able to gain some advantage. Ideally I think the bounty rune should spawn on the other side of the map, near the transmutanstien/zargoth/snotter boss pit and travel along the river from there as that side of the map already recieves much less focus than the upper/left side of the map. I also think that the spawn frequency of the spawn frequency of the rune should be lowered, as right now buying a bottle for the bounty rune provides an insane amount of value with very little downside (~8 runes to pay off bottle if you plan on selling it mid/late) basically the bottle has paid for itself by around 4-5 minutes into the game.
  7. You cannot use masters legacy to boost an allied balphs ult at the moment
  8. This is kind of interesting as Guardian angle can be removed with purges (elec, sandsceptre, nullfire, pearl) while other states cannot be removed (slithers ultimate, cursed ground)
  9. I have found that if you have auto aggro enabled, and you are affected by some kinds of dot/aoe damage then your hero will attempt to attack the damage source regardless of other commands. For example if you get slithers q on you and you try to move away, often your hero will cancel your move command, turn and try to attack slither. The easy solution is to turn off auto-aggro but I think it is an unintended interaction as it can often lead to poor positioning or death.
  10. Had something similar happen to me, playing bh vs fayde and i was able to cast my targeted abilities on him after he shadow walked. Match id: 158861902
  11. So today I had an issue where a server was unstable and several players timed out, my entire team and one player from the opposing team. I voted to pause (when 2 players dced) so that my team could reconnect. The opposing team unpaused after the pause timer was up but i could not use our second pause or vote for a remake as i had instigated the first vote. I know this is a very niche issue but I think if a player is the only one remaining on their team they should be able to initiate other votes, such as remakes or second pauses.
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