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  1. the effect time of barbed armour in midwars was reduced because other wise the item would be over powered, however the spiked bola which is a fairly cheap item for what it offers. ( at least in midwars ) wouldnt it make sense to reduce the time it lasts for 1-2 seconds? 4.5 seconds is an insanely large time in a game mode focusing 5v5 fights
  2. Night Hound - increase bonus damage from agility when attacking from behind to 70%/100%/130%/160% +/Or -When casting a pounce create a MUCH SMALLER version of smoke cloud that lasts 1 second at the location you land Nitro - Increases the duration of over time by 1 Seconds and attack speed increase from 100- 500 - 200 to 700 Nomad - Staff of the master now merges mirage strike and true strike into Great Mirage Strike granting the attack speed and - bonus damage from True strike and the invisibly from mirage strike. Sapphire - ultimate now
  3. How come i cant create a hero guide for myself in the shop? i remember it was possible many years ago but i cant seem to create them now?
  4. Aus Severs seem to be down not sure how long they have been down for or if its only the AUS severs. anyone ahve an idea?
  5. Just a thought but adding an additional melee creep + range creep to each creep spawn in midwars would increase the speed of each game or alternatively increasing the creep spawn by 5 seconds. the only two down sides i think that would coem frfom this are an increase of damage from behemoth ultimates and the lanes being pushed much more one way if the other team has a PR who is actively denying the creeps before they reach the river. merely a suggestion to increase the speed of midwars as the games sometimes can become a bit of a stalemate.
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