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  1. Both sites have stoped working properly since about the beginning of last year. Some aspects still (barely) work others, especially hero tracking seem to be dead. Not sure if you made changes to the API (or how ever they crawl/mine the data) or if they just lost interest but these things don't tend to break by themselves even if the owners do lose interest. https://honstats.com https://www.honrec.com/heroes/stats Probably two important sites to maintain for the (semi) pro community and anyone interested in balancing and any kind of ladder now that the official ladder is bro
  2. "don't assume Alunas ge...nré?!"
  3. Dude, those things make the game. Anyone who returns to HoN or starts playing it loves that announcer and the cocky sound effects. Stop crying about it. If you don't like censorship/wokeness then decry that. It's like when people say "what would happen if a woman said xyz" . The complaint should be "nothing should happen if a man says it just like nothing should happen if a woman says it". Maybe you're unlucky and I'm lucky but the very few times I've been banned in this game for chat violations I would have banned myself (with the exception of one case of trolling a GM in a pre
  4. Cool, ill check it out. I was gonna write that "I thought they used to be but im not sure" but then I thought I might have just seen it in an other game. Dunno how I ever moved them. Damn lol it was behind my minimap for some reason! Maybe since I switched minimap sides the frames didn't come with it.
  5. Hi. First of all the suggestion forum is a bit bugged, I can't post anything except polls there right now. (And even that seems bugged!). But anyway, I suggest that the same status icons that you see for yourself be visible for the hero you click on. This would be of great help in trying to determine if a certain status effect is on or off on some heroes that have visually striking aspects to them that might be conflated with certain effects. Cheers!
  6. Ah alright. It's just that Nihil in that suggested form is a bit too good for the price. Your Adeves Cloak might not do "enough" so to speak if it is to replace the current one from the perspective what EU wants with it from what I understand in the previous discussion. Extra magic armor is nice people seem to want that stun debuff more. What about having the split occur earlier than after the Shamans dress? Magic armor+Lifetube+Crystal+a cheap recipe? This would also give a use for the magic armor that supports often buy and not force people into selling it or going nomes wis
  7. Love it! I'd also add to the active "Can be activated even when stunned or perplexed" and possibly beef that stun and debuff duration of the active to 20% for a cumulative of 30%. Maybe increase the cooldown and cost a bit though. Both items could obviously be used concurrently. I almost feel like the Nihil Crystal should be a consumable. Like an item you have in your inventory that you can "activate" and then when you do if that damage happens it's consumed. Otherwise its cost should be adjusted. You'd also have Void Talisman for a really spicy trio. If EU is worried about use
  8. I get you, I think you misunderstand me or don't want to see my point here. What I meant about the silver/gold bracket is that people will target the person with Adeves cloak not quite understanding how powerful it is in late game. I do understand everything you've said and it clearly has a use. I just don't like the fact that it has that niche use where it essentially protects you from bad play but can mess you up when you're doing everything right. I think I'd rather want a weaker item with a possibility to toggle off and on, but then it wouldnt be the item you want so that's a moot
  9. There's a big difference from something like an Elder Parasite that makes perfect contextual sense in sofar that you go for the kill, you boost your DPS but you exchange that for increased damage to self - increased risk and reward. This item works almost the opposite way; rewards and according to what I understand now is intended to counter what is essentially bad positioning - but also helps with when you're having bad reflexes. At the same time the item could be actively punishing you if you're doing your combo perfectly and take some damage while you get targeted down. At the same
  10. You're right. I didn't quite see it for that. It's a pure balancing item for the sake of evening out fights and enabling heroes do their thing. I completely get what you're going for and nothing I say will change my mind. I wish I could explain myself better. I had no idea about this item in DotA 2 though I don't really play the game anymore. I can see how in a pro match a counter-initiation attempt by one-trick pony type of hero like Behemoth being ruined by a chance stun thrown out by say Witch Slayer could ruin that initiation. Or for example Pearl and their ultimate's when bein
  11. Never heard anyone say beggar in the game in my 10 years to anyone not having an avatar. At this point you're trolling and the moderators should consider if this type of meta-trolling (that's happening in various ways more and more) is banworthy or not. (That's just the proof you're a troll - I could comment on the rest as well, including your obvious nickname). For example, MMR-bashing is exceedingly rare nowdays. Also if somebody has a higher MMR than you that's the opposite of what you'd need to accuse them of smurfing. The smurf is the one with a MMR lower than yours a
  12. Im in general not a fan of items that lower your damage output. Didn't like it when this was added to VoidTalisman and certainly don't like it on an item that has a freakin PASSIVE trigger. Should be changed. Makes it extremely unintuitive and just an expensive kind of "escape" utility that as OP says is a bit too expensive for your full support anyway. I mean it has some other uses, other heroes "can" use it, like a devo ultying someone where damage isn't the main thing like in a full team fight, but then it really is an issue in a 1v1 after the ult.
  13. ^This but unironically.
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