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  1. Because you have like 100 heroes to choose from and there are tons of simple auto attack heroes and no real melee hero with a companion, except warchief who is semi-melee. Not to mention the Boris mechanic is unique in the way he can help with mobility and not just attack when controllable. Gear heroes to different players rather than gearing all heroes to all players , that will satisfy no one.
  2. I haven't contradicted myself at all. This is what you don't get cause you're thinking like a pleb. As I and several others have pointed out, it's not about balancing as such. The hero never had an extreme winrate overall. The hero used to have a huge skill ceiling which meant that you could get extremely good with him mechanically and you'd crush in may cases but until you got that game down you'd probably play worse with him than you would with the current tremble. There were tons of heroes like this and ultimately I would have liked to see more of them. Instead he's been dragged d
  3. His winrate was basically the same. He was like so many heroes really deadly in some hands and below average in the hands of most people. Now he's just average overall.
  4. "plenty of reasons" but muh still can't list them after 3 posts. Cute. Again I explained to you that someone who is super focused on one hero may not be superb at the game in other ways but could excell at that heroes unique strengths. Now the hero is more buffed in general but doesn't have the free roaming Boris which was the unique playstyle of the hero. Boris could even move through and spawn the terror mounds independently and act as a scout/bait. Impalers and Dark Swarm have been heavily geared towards normal 5v5 battles with armour benefitting the team rather than that fun ambus
  5. We're not talking about that even though I don't quite understand why you think that the 2nd best Ophelia player is so bad now. And if you haven't explained that perhaps you should. Like I can't argue with you or say you're right because I'm shooting in the dark? Are you saying the players this season are so much better, what?
  6. I don't think Tremblerape was 5-manning too much (do correct me if Im wrong) and I don't get the relevance here. I assume this guy doesn't play Ophelia all the time on his solo-Q acc. Still what's the point, that team mates matter?
  7. If tremble rape has a 35% winrate with the new tremble it clearly shows somehow is wrong For ya'll who don't know this guy was hitting like 80% or higher winrates back in the day. It speaks of a situation where a player that is really mechanically skilled with a hero can't make it contribute to his WR any higher. The people who score better with Tremble are people who have perfected their generally knowledge of the game and smaller details. Like excellent timings for pushing, stacking, understanding cooldowns and so on for whatever MMR they are on. I'd like to see a HoN where indi
  8. Ondis

    MMR System

    No but what I mean is people could be playing on a main or sub or smurf account getting really good the returning to an other account and kicking ass winning like 10 wins in a row, possibly their mmr should start increasing faster then. Same with the opposite i guess. But yeah I dont think theres somethign like that
  9. Ondis

    MMR System

    Hijacking thread, are there any streak bonuses at all in the game to model someone returning to an old account and advancing very fast or losing very fast to better fit them to their real mmr faster? I mean after the placement matches.
  10. Yeah but again the complaint ain't about balance, i.e. how strong the hero is. People need to realize this. Or rather EU/FBs rationale isn't that. A super late game DR could zip throug ha battlefield and essentially play the dice that he's not hit by an AOE stun - and if having shrunken on even this was more or less irrelevant and Frostburn felt that this impacted the gameplay negatively. It's related but not the same thing. Whether it's good or bad. As part of a "solution" to the problem one can ult close to the enemy, pop a shrunken and then go in 1 sec later, or pop it before one u
  11. To "minimize frustration" as with all these changes like this from Adrenaline to Nitro to Dr to Chi to Shadowblade, same goes for various gameplay changes. In some way I'd even add MoA and say now Arachna who are partly thought to be to versatile in the right hands. Like a good old Arachna can dominate mid if the player facing her doesn't understand hill advantage and a good MoA has so many options. But at the same time Ophelia in her current form has been staunchly defended so Im not sure about the second sentence. Anyway it has both good and bad sides to it. I think we all have
  12. Haven't been following the news so much. Whats peoples opinion? Is it generally as bug free as the normal client or not?
  13. i meant sheepstick, I was tired lol.
  14. Empath can hard carry inside a carry/tank tho. Which is fun. Setup a 500 gpm empath, get her stuff like refresher, codex, shrunken head or go every single aura you can with a carry and then you really do kick ass. I mean in a way it's a support still, but it would be a support that takes all the farm, while the main carry or tank farms either mid lane or the other lane.
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