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  1. I've been shown some of these exploits in the past. It was kinda cool seeing them. But as you say since then, a couple of years ago, Ive not seen anyone really use them. And Ive forgotten how to trigger most of them. Its not really relevant for me. Maybe it is for you or the "pro scene" though there people would probably be sanctioned if they used them in a tournament.
  2. You could probably tie some metrics to it and say its objectively wrong or right but in this case I mean its wrong for me
  3. I know, he has made thousands of holes everywhere. EU is not the creator of HoN. I dont particularly care what he thinks and I disagree with him and especially his predecessor vehemently in most things. Its my opinion that he dragged down what was a solid game. But he should be highly praised for maintaining it on a limited budget/staff and keeping everyone relatively happy for as long as he did. Basically I think that most of the small changes and adjustemenets, including quality of life upgrades like Behemoth being able to remove his stun are positive. But most design decisions and the
  4. I Like the aspect of getting stuck in trees though. And in regards to what report/commend system does, yeah thats an effect of it probably. I see a lot more communication in 1500s (im 1600) in HoN than In DoTA. It reminds me a bit of but not being as bad as the reporting system in World of Warships that utilizes a mix of automated word searching and report weight to mute players. It takes a bit too long to explain exactly how it works but the result anyway is that me and in my past clan several of those members were essentially permanently muted. It doesnt matter who youve said thin
  5. Its not negligeble at all, there is a serious artificial delay placed on actions. Animations are also slower. Turn rates are slow. Its not the zoom thing, thats been disproven many times over. I agree with Hegelshon about the variety, I love that, I love the early action, I love that bounties are there to fight over early, I love neutral items. There's far less toxicity but also far less positivity. Im not really getting a "yay" factor. I dont feel too good about winning. Nobody really talks in voice chat, at least in unranked. I think part of this is the animations. They just dont f
  6. Tbh I feel like the jungle is mediocre. Almost anyone can jungle, despite not knowing any of the creep I never once came close to dying from the jungle. Due to a lack of daylight cycle, the jungle is never pulle automatically negating the ability to kill yoruself both on purpose and without. Creep seem uninspired. Also just had a regular game. After a few "good" games, both wins and losses I just tilted in this one game. I think I got reported by everyone. But I just couldnt bother playing. I was 1/19, feeding like a madman. I dont know if its better to feed or just DC. I ju
  7. It was one of their "turbo games" which is basically easy mode/casual on steroids. But still. The insane thing was that due to the rubber mechanics, or complete lack of cohesion in both teams, that game actually took 20 more minutes and we were the first to push rax... I dont even know man. We lost in the end though,
  8. I kinda have to agree with that last point. 5 years ago I couldnt stand more than a game or two with a RL friend before the slow speed made me quit. Nowdays its actually "okay". Still feels bad but not terrible. Lack of concede bothers me on a psychological level though, because the only way to actually "concede" is to do what here would be basically griefing, which is to afk. Or...if youre lucky and one person leaves first, you can leave as well. While here most people will play an even game 4v5. Its so weird being encouraged to grief lol. Also its very difficult to know if yo
  9. Damnit, just tried some Dota and beyond the slow turn rates and artificial delays on animations and the graphics.... Man . Just played a game where we were 24-4 in the first 7 minutes. Even in this messed up community everyone would concede that match in a heartbeat. Here...you have to play to the end. Its so frustrating, it feels like a timewaste. Id rather take the toxicity than this frustration. The weirdest thing is I barely know my hero, have no idea about 50% of all other heroes and I was 1 - 1 - 2. I dont know what the fuck these people are doing.
  10. Oh man Im actually writing a master thesis on a closely related subject but god does this attitude annoy me. It has meaning to those people discussing it. Maybe YOU aren't interested in that particular meta line of what ever is being discussed but they are. Maybe to YOU that doesn't "relate" to the game or provides an atmosphere that you don't cherish, but they do. Or what ever. You know. Jeez. Whatever. I get that people are posting too many complaints about the bans but whose bright idea was it to like literally archive dozens upon dozens of other threads? I saw this crap done a few
  11. Yo Wtf happened to the forum. My latest thread got archived, so did 90% of all threads here, I cant even post new threads.
  12. Hi. So in the vault section of the store there is an ability to to choose "Creep" under the option "Vanity" but for me there's always been just one option. If you have some cool assets, mind releasing them so we can play around with the creep? Cheers! (Same with Taunt badge (?) But I've never taunted anyone in my life ( ) so maybe you only get new ones if you taunt enough folks?)
  13. But you still get penalties for stats, disconnect and you can't join a new game in 30 minutes.
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