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  1. That's op, you got better comebacks than us straight boys then :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbGkxcY7YFU But still the point about microtransactions stand, I dont think that we should blame him or it nor was it necessarily good that the industry moved in that direction, but maybe necessary.
  2. Racist profanities? I mean let´s start with Pewdiepie, everyone knows he´s not a racist yet he screamed out a racist profanity when he was pissed. Its normal human reaction for anyone who hasn´t completely suppressed their inert true humanity to look for someone outside to blame. The people who suppress it are the ones that then have the true violent outbursts. Sure, we all try to find enlightenment in our own ways but the meaning of calling someone a racist term is the same as calling them an idiot, wanker or anything else. Youre not actually making an assessment of that persons character, y
  3. Ive been running my game through a wifi which is really not compatible with this games netcode/the way packets are handled and where things are calculated - which is also partly why this game is nearly impervious to cheats so its a good thing. But theres 100% a huge difference between some EU servers where my ping is good and packet loss smaller and others where its reasonably bad (80+s despite being in Sweden) and packet loss is big, causingspikes in ping too obviously. Like it could be the same day, 2 games after each other. One is terrible the other one is playable.
  4. Also targeting skills that form some kind of bond between you and the player give assists even if no damage is dealt. For example charge by rampage or (I think) Kanes ulti. In the past ramps charge was a debuff - I think (and obviously it still sights you) but that was removed so that you dont know that youre charged. But maybe its still there programming wise?
  5. Id pay 5 bucks for a subscription for this if it also included an ability to filter out players with less than 100 games or something like this as cosmetics arent my thing really. But yeah, in general I like this concept from a player perspective. I just wonder if developers think they make more money from whales (and the occassional normal player spending a few bucks a year) or if they think they could make as much or more money using this model. We had this discussion on the Hearthstone forum (Blizzard card collecting game ) and the conclusion was that Blizzard would be losing
  6. I felt it was important had to be just right. bob if u see tis pls come back
  7. I just played with a guy called bob. It made me happy. bob was mad all the time. Then he quit but I asked bob in pm. Pls bob I like u and I like playing with u. And then bob came back And then we played for a while But bob died. And then bob he leave me. 4ever.
  8. @thorblood just blank out his name and discuss the concept instead. @Hegelsohn, isn't the fact that he only has a pk and mana boots indication enough of trolling if this is anything above 1400 and the guy has more than say 50 games. If I was a GM I wouldn't even look at the replay in this case. What evidence would be necessary in a case like this? "I am trolling?" He's level 13, he's clearly not actively playing the game, the others are 20+. Last 4 games would imo indicate a permanent ban based on a troll account, its not even a smurf account. Sometimes you can/should be
  9. Gotta give credit where credit is due, EU is damn cool for checking out the occassional complaint/question directly and responding.
  10. Plus they were cool to support its community once they ended support. But I dont know how active it is, last time I checked its kinda dead. Glorious game, FPS + Strategy. Wasn't much like it back then when it was new.
  11. Ondis


    @Manu311 Duuuuuude Balance random IF they could make a Balanced SD that would probably be the best. Even though I love to play cheesy weird builds with friends nowdays I mostly solo play and I just feel that like about 30% of the negative frustration and unnecessary conflict in every game on average is pick-phase and who goes to what lane. Also it would make games so much more dynamic. Overall the competitiveness wouldn't change and yes sometimes you might not be able to get that optimal team composition but other times your opponents wouldn't. I think that the higher MMR players
  12. Was looking into Hammerstorm right now for fun to see what number of stars he has and although thats not listed on the website, each hero has a "guide" section. https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/guides/hero/13/ So here you got a few more guides. But theres still a problem in that you cant actually browse further back and find less popular guides to upvote. So yeah its still a mystery of sorts.
  13. Some heroes are easy mechanically but may be difficult to play optimally and vice versa. But like Hammerstorm is pretty straightforward I think! Throw big hammer. BashBashBash ;D Wretched Hag is a fun hero that can escape relatively easily and that you can run around and get in position with easier so your team doesnt rage at you when youre not there. Empath is kinda cool because in big battles you can just jump into someone and you dont have to care about movement, just using your skills.
  14. Any difference between hyperhtreading vs amds technology that would make them better or worse for different type of tasks? AMD was often said to be better at multitasking, but could be just because they would have more cores than intel in the past for the same price (while their clock rates as mentioned weren't really the same to intels at the equivalent levels?)
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