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  1. This is why I love this game. Same as in Counter Strike 1.6. One guy can turn the whole match at a critical point. It's not quite what it used to be in this regard, but still among the most hardcore games out there for sure.
  2. 300k of mostly positive feedback rekking nubs in a monkey king sui from GorgC (Gorp) - ok he's getting carried but lets be nice to the streamer, he didn't get mid! ;D
  3. I know it's a bit of a meme and we all have said it as some point. But it seems to be an organized effort of some sort. Always some guy spamming the same thing. Now there's even an account named "hondeadspam". Sitting there in chat, spamming the same thing over and over again. What do you think? Bots? Competitors? Disgruntled players? Memers/4Chan/raid? Something else?
  4. Also curious about other such applications in general like for example Gauntlets. Cheers.
  5. Yeah you don't wait long at all, it's fast. You'll probably get flamed because you'll start at a rank that first of all is in the middle of the pack and then generally above average due to the fact that many smurfs start out/play in high silver/low gold. But there are ways to mitigate that and just have fun in the game. Play relatively easy heroes (those with few stars in the hero guide), play support heroes so the game doesn't depend on your carry capacity and play a few heroes so you learn some. Hardest part in joining any moba nowdays is the maturity of the scene in terms of her
  6. I know Im not stacking for myself. Im saying that the time wasted running to the ancients and back is more than 1 creepwave lost (1 full + parts of the other) and potential jungle creep not being contested.
  7. As long as you do it to the NH/Scout guy that has made 100 accounts by now and always plays Nullstone -> Codex then Im good
  8. Yeah I know thats what I was saying, gj
  9. makes sensew thats what I thought. Probably good to increase the ban choices then at the start even though the number of bans remains the same.
  10. Obvious if two people vote for the same hero it will get banned, if every other hero has just one vote, right? But how are the bans picked by the system between those with 1 vote? First come first serve? Random? Weights on votes? 1:st vote vs 2:nd vote vs 3:rd vote so on? O.o
  11. I've never not been able to find a suiider within 30 sec - 1 min nowdays, what are you talking about? If he's not on one side he's on the other. No level 1 skill can blink between the two fields of trees? Also overall you've lost the lane, yes. But you don't want to completely abandon it. I really question stacking ancients is worth it in a meta sense. If you feel compelled to do that you really rather shouldn't have a suicide.
  12. I don't know man. You guys turned this casual fun mode into something very passive. And I get it, people get better at stuff and meta changes because its adapt or die. I'd rather change midwars to incentivize more forward movement in some way but that might be too big of an investment for the company at this stage and might not be to you mid-wars players liking too much? I don't know? An idea that would probably need some serious feedback that just popped into my head is to add a friendly creep at both sides water edge that yields a lot of gold if killed but that is immune to magic?
  13. Sometimes a constructive question can help. Arguing with idiots with get you nowhere if the first couple of replies don't work. Just mute. Not playing like a "retard" also helps. Why do people whine and insult each other? To deflect blame, let loose some built up aggression. Russians and some other cultures also do this as a kind of positive reinforcement to a degree, go read up on it if you want.
  14. Nobody would are here, like I don't care that I have negative karma in World of Warships despite being boosted constantly, it's pretty common for carrier players lol. There already is a hidden weight system for reports so the more you get reported and the more often you get guilty verdicts the higher priority your actions will have and the faster they will be dealth with. This will be abused to no ends and will be an additional "KDR" thing that people will bitch about. This isnt pokemon go.
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