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  1. That active would increase the skill ceiling a lot, which in general Im in favour of but we may have been adding too much spice to too many heroes lately. Anyway it makes for quite an interesting hero. But the CD of 3 Sec is just too fast. Too much to keep track of his shield that often in a team fight. I'd make it every 10 seconds at most, while keeping some limited level of magic aura shield like +1/2/3/4
  2. it certainly works we played tons of that between some of the patches. Usually people play these kind of games then. We played riftwars with blitz mode it was fun
  3. What ever you guys are doing I've enjoyed playing HoN these couple of days and before that on and off a for a couple of months now. There's fewer obvious smurfs, there's less highly abusive players and fewer trolls and people who go afk without letting themselves DC. The community is still toxic but frankly I think we like it a bit like that and a couple of games ago we all just laughed until we cried at the banter in the end. Have only reported one guy in two months and he got banned pretty fast Guess its partly cause my account is considered pretty trustworthy by now, cause h
  4. Had a game we're 5v4 crushing, no whining in team, everyone are friendly since at least 20 min, have all except base towers down. Suddenly 1 dude terminates out of the blue. Then a second. O.O DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE ? This is why you never CC, because these games happeN! Even if its like one in a million lol.
  5. If u wanna play these kind of maps there's usually a bunch of us playing them while the update is being put in. Though we usually play stuff like blitz mode and rift mode on them. å
  6. When did it happen? Imo I fought against an arty recently and early on he was pretty strong. Later on we just stomped them so i cant say how he was late game.
  7. No it doesn't like Ra and Rampage for example are very hard to deplete and there's no everything else being done one way is no reason for something else to be done that way.
  8. Dont think it should work with mana drain.
  9. Anyone else but EU not understanding what I mean? I don't have access to an older client anymore to provide a comparison and I feel my descriptions are fine. Here's an attempt but obviously its hard to do this since the old map has changed in layout too. Dunno how it cant be clear. I like the change south of the lava tho but i have no idea when that happened. (You cant go through the bend anymore but can instead hide in it. )
  10. Christ, why would you add the lava at top tower. This is the kind of stuff im talking about. Nobody asked for this. What is this? Map had a charm b eing a bit different Legion vs Hellbourne. Just because bot has a section like that, doesn't mean top should, especially considering the dynamic of that forrest and how it's worked for so long. People pick a bit differently and play a bit differently around it. EDIT: you mention its pathing issues. Never had any pathing issues there except being "stuck" and wiggling around in the forrest. Which is fun, the kind of randomness wh
  11. Ondis

    Ranked Roles

    The reason people want this is not faster games. So no.
  12. Ondis

    Ranked Roles

    No it fucking cant, we're literally talking about an issue that in of itself can be punished either if they avoid AFK by faking AFK today through the report system or if they actually afk through the disconnect system. That's like going in circles. Also frankly I dont think anyone wants to be pre-barred from picking roles, especially in higher MMR where the partly arbitrary classifications of the developers may not suit the lineup or the enemy team.
  13. Make Vorax scale a little bit somehow so he doesn't become completely useless the more the game goes on. Let him scale in armor or something. Buffing early game skrap would just create the snowball effect everyone thought was a bit too much ? tho it kinda was fun.
  14. qqPlatter fucking nice idea man. Thinking outside the box. Yes. Make the total AFK count instead. Give each player a total of 5 min excluding pauses and measure it not if youre standing still or not but if you're taking damage or not. But all of this can cause some problems with people standing still innocently waiting to stack and stuff like that. The longer the game goes on the more absurd situations so it need to be counteracted somehow with it being lowered with every x minutes of active play. Keep the current limit of pure afk too. Still I think the best solution for SEA would
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