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  1. Awesome post, great crystalization of some of the basic concepts I had too. And yeah. As per my avatar, lol. I kinda enjoy fighting smurfs too when Im in a good mood. The problem is the uneven balance is so extreme then. A system like this would help balance it out. I don't know if they even need to be limited in their rewards of mmr if they are split up the way described but it's not too important I think so I don't really care. People just want to play on off-hours and stuff.
  2. Firstly: Just because you've undone the power creep doesn't mean that people agree with these aspects the fundamental changes you're making. Your revisions that people generally support mask the changes they generally disagree with. Have you see anyone agree with this change for example? Some changes that have not received universal acclaim as you misrepresent your record: from kong, to the constant rebalancing of and change to heroes that keeps happening in an endless circle to the restructuring of the jungle to now the items that had multiple uses and added complexity and variety a
  3. Yup, sadly change after change has been decreasing that hardcore element. I wish it had been balanced by new hardcore elements but those steps would have perhaps been too bold for the developers. Like I've now and then tried to suggest that upgradable creep should be a thing.That they should get new abilities or towers that should get new abilities. I'm not even sure about the ideas myself. I would just like to see something, anything to balance these changes that have been creeping up since forever. Also used to love those items. As you said it gave more directions to move in, it gave yo
  4. Hardcore =/= Skill: Hardcore mechanics for me are complex mechanics that enable a vast array of tools to be used. Essentially my view on hardcore is increase complexity without adding additonal hand-holding. (This can be interface improvements which can sometimes be good, all hardcore is not good hardcore even for me. But it can also be incentives that effectively penalize other strategies to shove the one developers want you to use, down your throat which Heroes of the Storm does). There are very simple games, casual, that require huge amounts of skill, Tetris forexample is as cas
  5. Pointless and irrelevant just pushes the issue further to do it just once. Though I wouldn't mind a reset every couple of months I guess, which helps keep the extremes of MMR down a bit.
  6. So a couple of points on this: §1. The reality is 1900's are already playing with 1500's but without any compensation to even the team out and yet they still sometimes lose games. 2. It's true that in this game as carries scale so does the the heroes capacity so if you have a 1900 carry with 4 x 1500s then the 1600's will suffer as their 1600 carry will get less benefit from their progression compared to the 1900 carry. If the 1900 played a hardcore support It would be a toss up between having all 1600's in my team and wanting the 1900. (Unless that 1900 was tryhard acting the
  7. It's the same reason why a lot of these players are distraught if someone stays at their lane for more than 1 minute after a kill or generally your silver-gold esque salomon player who doesn't leave jungle for the first 10 min even when there is a kill to be made just by him. They want their clean, simple laning phase devoid of many problems or hasstles so they don't need to blame themselves or get blamed for "losing mid" or not getting enough exp or not getting their runed cleaver or what ever at the end of that phase. But despite being a filthy casual myself at this point I like this
  8. I'd like to add the rune back at 0 minute mark.
  9. It's relatively simple to resolve this but it's a mixed blessing with some issues. Let people play on their main accounts, let them match up with players lower than them but in a fair way so that the total MMR is about equal. Can Frostburn reply to why this hasn't been done yet? Are the negatives really worse than the positives? So many smurfs I talk to nowdays, incl friends of mine say they smurf more because the waiting times rather than to pwn newbs at this point. I dont even report people anymore who deliberately lose 6+ games because I can feel their pain to an extent.
  10. Man fansites and fanvideos are covered as mentioned but not only that, most companies want more of them lol. Just don't use it for a general site and pass it off as your own work or something like this unrelated to HoN.
  11. Well he is a mercenary ;D So he says what ever gets him gold. Lol seriously tho I didnt know this. Love little things like this.
  12. I explained the issues of this item and its impossibility to balance it properly without affecting the meta or making it useless long ago. (It needs to pay for itself in relative short time for your team not to get snowballed but in the long run it's an absolute beast no matter what). And you're right on everything. I didn't think of it much but it's the absolutely worst change possible but it's sadly the fault of the item and our own egos (people not wanting to support even with it, especially in lower brackets). Now the support hero is conditioned even more to stay in lane. Bef
  13. I really don't like the changes to the void talisman and mana battery. I mean who knows by what parameters it's decided. Any argument can be made in any one direction. Yes the mana battery gave a good stat boost but it was split up between 3 attributes and had a terrible upgrade path, especially for heroes that are considered carries. What weighs heavier? I don't know man, I just felt it was a smooth transition before. Like you could go to a lane with its core components and upgrade into it if it was necessary/depending on who you face. Now it's jsut one extra slot to counter Armadon or
  14. I'm not into this TV series at all but damn that looks good Its perfect for the hero.
  15. I really don't get it anymore. It's like we had that item, it was cool, it could be upgraded into something that's a bit stronger that's cool too. It was one of the few items that every class could upgrade into/from after buying some minor totems. Now instead its upgraded iteration is like the old one and 50 gold more and the totem upgrade is gone so you're stuck with a bunch of useless totems early game. Like why. It's so minor, but it's so generally worse in every aspect. I'd love for it to revert to when the 150gold mana item builds into the 3/3/3 Mana item that requires it
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