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  1. Since HoN and Frostburn Studios are both defunct soon, will the game and k2 engine become open source? I intend on enhancing it or even building off of it to make an entirely new game.
  2. So instead of it being completely useless, physical damage and negative armor without the root. Sounds good to me.
  3. Oakbolt effects being magic makes sense because it's an attack related ability, grasp doesn't. Otherwise this little detail should match and also be magic:
  4. Something that occurs a lot is you will go to gank a side lane (usually with 3 people or more), you get a kill and come back mid and you're usually severely under leveled, sometimes even getting killed because the enemy mid sat there and got level 6, I eventually noticed that you don't get their experience bounty divided by 3, you get a smaller portion of it divided by 3. This seems like a mechanic to further punish team play that really shouldn't be there considering other mobas don't have it.
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