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  1. Hello again, the application form for the GM position is opened once again. So if you are interested please use the Application link in the original post and give it your best shot! Good luck to all applicants!
  2. you are the last applicant to get in good luck, we will review the applications shortly, however it might take some time to contact you all since there was a huge interest, thank you once again and hope to see you soon on the other side
  3. link has been fixed, sorry about that https://heroesofnewerth.com/discord
  4. Good luck to all the applicants!!! Upon acceptance you will receive a friend request from me on Discord.
  5. Fellow Newerthians, We are currently hiring more volunteers for the position Game Master. In this thread, you will find all the vital information you will need in case you are interested. So let's get started! What does a Game Master do? Game Masters are mostly responsible to keep the community clean from all kinds of toxic behavior in game to ensure overall enjoyment of the game. You would mostly review replays of reported players that were made via the RAP (Report a player) system. Upon acceptance, you would start your trial period in which you learn all the basics that you will n
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