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  1. Cactus I'll see if i could get some, in the meantime I guess ill reinstall the game again and see what happens
  2. Cactus It did't work unfortunately
  3. Cactus I will try that later on and see if that solves it, thanks for the suggestion
  4. Ceriss I know that already, thought that was the problem first but it's not it. Tried scroll, unbind, default etc but it wasn't the problem unfortunately
  5. Hello! A couple of days ago i reinstalled my whole computer including HoN. When I reinstalled the client and tried the game, the camera seems to be super zoomed in. I tried changing all different controls, binds, resolution etc but I still can't get a better view. I KNOW I had a better one (where the camerapov is higer up) before the installation but I can't understand what the problem could be. (And no it's not some kind of a hack/cheat, just have a worse pov now than before the installation) Ty for all the help
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