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  1. When I play warchief and use spirit walk "W", my game break instantly, with the message: "bad packet from server". It happens more than 50% of the times I use this skill (about 10 times per game, when playing warchief). Can u fix it? Or is it a mine problem? Obs: I have repaired the instalation and didn't work...
  2. Conseguiu resolver o problema de crash??? To com esse problema quando jogo com o Warchief e uso as skills rapidamente, o  jogo me da uma mensagem de erro "hon bad packet from server error" e fecha. Consegue me ajudar?

    1. Dampeer9


      I'm playing warchief a lot these days, since the last update as soon as i go in a team fight and use spirit walk my game crashes with this message "CHost::Execute() - CHost::Frame() - Bad packet from server". I have 3 different internet connections and its happening on all of those. You facing the same issue?

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