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  1. Actually this is a good cause. Ive been playing this game for so long now and it brought me so much joy. Everyone is trying to do his part. And i think few do as much as Lunarios does. Also ingame trying out different builds, thinking outside the box. Even if some of you guys would call it grief. Just chill and play some games.
  2. I play TONS of Fayde and this bug is known to me since 3-4 years. When you use your stun on enemies and the tower or a creep gets the lasthit, while the illusion from the stun was hitting the target last before that, hellbourne/legion get the killcredit. I dont know if its always like this, the situation is not that often, but it happened a lot over all to me. Match ID: 161894631, Replaycontrol time: 9:00. There you have an example.
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