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  1. Bawpi

    Wildsoul's E

    I think Wildsoul's 'E' would be better if the lifesteal of the bear would reflect on your hero (instead of having extra health/mana regen)
  2. Wouldn't it be nice when you report someone, you will get a popup window like: Are you sure you would like to report xx for xx reason? And explain abit about if it's a failed report your "report points" will get lowered. Explain a small amount about low-priority/medium priority/high priority reports?
  3. I have played him alot, he doesn't remind me of Outworld Devourer. While we're dreaming a "Meepo" or "Invoker" would be fun to see in Heroes of newerth aswell ?
  4. Maybe one spell is close to one spell of Outworld Devourer, but almost every other spell is different. Maybe they got inspiration from Outworld Devourer for Parallax, but if you check a video on Outworld Devourer it's not nearly close
  5. The spells along with the ulti is incredibly fun to play
  6. "Harbinger, the Outworld Devourer, is a ranged intelligence hero who qualifies as a carry, though unlike traditional carries, he excels against high-armor targets whilst being crippled by spell immunity. With Arcane Orb, his damage output is reliant on his intelligence attribute and the size of his mana pool, so he must focus more or less exclusively on items which augment them. Though he lacks somewhat in range and has no innate mobility skills, Arcane Orb deals Pure damage, meaning that if he gains an advantage in a match he deals constant, colossal damage which cannot be decreased or resist
  7. Would love to see this implemented
  8. I would love to see Outworld Devourer(I believe his name is in Dota 2), such a fun hero and good mechanics ?
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