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  1. Considering mounds, the balance basically goes like this : + Invulnerable + Ability to terror port from anywhere - No vision - Can only create mounds at Tremble location I first thought about removing the stealth part of the mound's aura but I'm really unsure about this one. It would likely alter Tremble laning phase too much. Besides, I feel like the removal of global mound creation is a big drawback by itself. As for incontrollable broodlings, I think that it is necessary to grant the hero a good player pool because people typically despise heroes with micro-management in
  2. Some additional changes for Tremble suggested rework : new Q effect so he doesn't entirely rely on his ultimate to gank reliably early on - Impalers change so it doesn't feel like a filler passive anymore - Ulti change with 'Alien' nostalgia.
  3. Bump. I'd like additional thoughts on the rework considering the recent suggestion changes & new ideas.
  4. I believe that Static Field radius exists to gate TB global damage. However, its range also gates Q damage on its bounces (especially if you build Jade Spire). Thus, I'd like to suggest a radius increase on the passive. I'm aware that this is a buff on a hero which already sees lots of play and has a good win-rate. Thus, this should be an opportunity to tune the hero further and make him less of a low mmr one-trick pony which ends up being vastly ignored in high mmr matches.
  5. Somes new ideas on the suggestion : Ability to turn day into night moved on ultimate - Moon cursed debuff now is applied by Moon Beams - New E to grant her a bonus active since she's a hero with two passives and an ulti which doesn't require much player interaction - Additional effect on Staff upgrade at the cost of a couple effects removal (grants it bonus uses instead of making it simply stronger). The new mechanic now feels less of a gimmick and has counterplay (single target immunity, magic immunity).
  6. Wasn't fully convinced about the wards vision reduction mechanic on W which felt gimmicky. I found another unique mechanic to grant TB additional utility : debuff resistance reduction. Besides, after some thinking, I believe that the vision mechanic wouldn't work that well to gate R damage. This would reduce the Restoration stone + Staff build damage which is obnoxious in pubs but it doesn't alleviate other issues with the spells (counterplay against global burst damage + players bad habit to keep the spell for kill steals). Thus, I went for a different approach : stack utility on R and m
  7. Good point. Also, I wasn't aware of Broodmother's new traps. Coincidentally, I designed an Arachna rework years ago with that skill.
  8. TREMBLE DARK SWARM - Click and drag a cursor to summon a wall made of a thick dark swarm. The wall blocks enemies movement but not allies. If Tremble or an ally goes through it, the wall disperses and grants the swarm protection, deflecting ranged attacks. TERRORFORM - Tremble can create invulnerable terror mounds at his location which grant movement speed, unitwalking, health regeneration and stealth to Tremble and his broodlings. They destroy trees and do not grant vision. Also gains the ability to terror port to existing mounds from anywhere. There is a visual cue around the mound us
  9. Hmm. It might not be as much of a problem in terms of overall feel since the spell initial damage ain't cut. It will still be a damage increase which simply ain't increased as much if you don't maintain vision.
  10. For clarity purposes, yeah, probably.
  11. Well, I don't know. The vision mechanic also has great synergy with my suggested staff upgrade (consecutive casts with vision granted by the initial ultimate) and also makes blind W casts to deal less damage but it might not be enough of a reason to make it more complex.
  12. Fun suggestion. I wish that W and AA didn't proc such a similar effect but the idea's there.
  13. I'm a little confused. Chomp! currently is his E. Are you suggesting to make E his ultimate and having the Vine Wall on the E slot ?
  14. I envision ground targeting on W to hit the closest enemy hero which is really close to the strike point. I envision the radius slightly larger than Bombardier's Q. After all, it doesn't stun, nor deal damage in an AoE. As for the passive, I want TB damage nerfed if he goes for a random R cast or burst global damage with a Restoration Stone. However, if the target has been initiated on by an ally, he has had vision over it, thus his damage should remain about identical.
  15. I wouldn't mind this instead of the mana refund so, thumb-up I guess.
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