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  1. They took it away because of Garena so it doesnt exist at all THOUGH it could be possible to get it trhough the plinko EXCHANGE not the play. i checked all the chests the forum has this question alot.
  2. ivefadedaway

    skin bug

    there is a bug on mercernary legionnaire, the hellbourne version has the staff effect even though it hasnt staff. When you get staff though he gets the legion sides axes. im not home currently so i cant screenshot but pls take a look
  3. Just make the AP and SD come back like i bet majority of the players would like it
  4. If u look at all of those chests u cant get (Punk Nomad) bro if u look closely at all of them u see
  5. There are some avatars in HoN that doesnt have a price for an example Punk Nomad that is only available for punk play which was announced and only playable 2-3 years ago, this was the event where you rolled something for Gold Coins and u got something now punk nomad was only available through that play i saw a topic where u said u would potentially bring back the war effort i would want u to do something to make it purchasable again something like 999 Gold coins or might even sell it for silver, i mean the punk taunt and announcer is available for the same price even though they were in the pu
  6. It’s november and black friday is an upcoming event which often makes everything in stores and in games a bit cheaper, is this coming to HoN? The last 10 years of being a player i have seen it sometimes, is it coming back?
  7. ivefadedaway


    Will there be any upcoming events like for Xmas and Halloween maybe Thanksgiving
  8. Are there going to be new alt avatars in the future of HoN because i think the majority of players and new players want more alt avatars for an example Warchief or Xemplar
  9. Why did the old map not return to the NA/EU regions since south asia got it? I really liked the old map!
  10. Guys i wonder 1 thing, you know about the international flag u can have as a symbol where can u buy it. My friend bought it and hes acc was created like a month before mine (this year 2021)
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