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  1. These quality of life improvements are excellent. No regions selected is a perfect fix for the issue and I love the way they are obviously displayed now. That alone would be worth an entire patch. Removing the fan art from loading screen background was the right move. I'm glad people are making fan art, but the loading screen deserves a more consistent art direction imo.
  2. Same here, unfortunately. It seems like the longer I'm in the game before pressing Z, the longer the lag is - but that could be my imagination. It only happens the first time I press Z in a game. Not sure if it is limited to once per client session or not.
  3. Yep, this has happened to me every game with the official x64 client (did not happen in the closed beta x64 that I'm aware of). Every time I press 'z' to check chat log a few minutes into the match, I get a few seconds of the client completely freezing. I don't get any freezing when using the starting item or from any other abilities that I've noticed...
  4. Just played a game as Plague Rider and even with level 4 Extinguish, I was unable to use it on a catapult that Parasite had infested. I also couldn't use it on a Wild Hunter neutral that he has infested. Maybe I missed a balance patch change, but I thought for sure that PR was one of the better counters to Parasite specifically because E worked vs Infest.
  5. I did, but I didn't have enough total money for the additional recipe. So I looked at my inventory and looked at the shop and it indicated I already owned everything. So I tried recombining in the chest and it didn't work. Then someone told me to buy the standalone recipe because the recipe thing was bugged. Now that I know about it, it hasn't caused any issues.
  6. Yep I ran into this - I couldn't figure out how to complete the item.
  7. Pretty excited about the Geostalk change - I proposed this exact mechanic in SBT long ago when the Geo rework happened and I don't think it was ever tried. Thematically, it made much more sense and should provide a lot more tension and skill to playing Geomancer!
  8. VHD

    Coming back to HoN

    Indeed - noticed that change and it looks really interesting (but situational, of course).
  9. Sounds like I'm back just in time to celebrate ? HoN has been a lot of fun throughout the years and although I'm nowhere near as good as I once was, it still brings joy. HoN always evoked the most intense emotions (highs and lows) of all the mobas out there. The beautiful moments of perfect synergy with your teammates sticks with you - even when your teammates are total strangers! On a slightly related note, for those of us that want an 'analog' moba experience, there is a really cool moba board game coming out soon: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wolffdesigna/guards-of-a
  10. VHD

    Coming back to HoN

    Hmm nostalgia is kicking in and I think I might get in for some games this week! The forum update is a really nice improvement too ?
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