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  1. Wouldn't it be a good idea to add rune announcers? Sort of a quality of life improvement comparable to those that were implemented: nullstone visibility, range indicators, day/night announcer. This would be useful for beginners who have no idea what is going on.
  2. Ah, you want the reasoning explained, not the impact - well I have friends who I queue with, we win all game if I lane together with a good player who I queued with. If I play alone, I am capable of dropping 3 leagues, improving 3 leagues or staying constant. There are many players who had their MMR boosted by friends, becuase there's a large gap in skill level (even though they may both start at 1500 and play the first 50 games together), once they stop playing together - their skill level is very different. So my reasoning is that solo queing is a very different experience to queueing w
  3. You don't have to add a new column, there is PSR that had real reason to exist 12 years ago, you could use that. I think this would not be difficult to implement. After the match, the system would check if you were in a queue alone or with someone else and add/subtract from solo mmr or team mmr. But I see there is reason for concern since the mmr system is optimized for its current form. I wonder what the user feedback would be. I also understand this is quite risky to experiment with. Maybe someone could run a simulation of the match database with a script to see the impact wit
  4. Hi, as for 1 no separate queues. Only separate rankings. If I queue without any other people, I receive solo rating. If I queue with a friend, I receive team rating. Solo players and group players still play together. 2 won't help much anyway because people will still be borrowing accounts from friends. thanks for considering
  5. 1. separate mmr for solo and group 2. new accounts play the first 250 games in a noob league and do not come in contact with regular users, this effectively eliminates smurfing
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