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  1. its a adjust, he will be nerfed late game and boost early game
  2. Basic suggestion, change his Q to make more viable for early game and nerf his E for the late game: Q - Activate to charge doctor repulsor's next attack with energy and reset his attack cooldown. When charged, next attack deals 100/150/200/250 extra magic damage around the target and applies a -30% movement speed for 1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds to the target. E - Passively create a Contraption at Doctor's Repulsor location every time he casts a spell. The contraption explodes when enemy get close to it, dealing 40/55/60/75 magic damage to enemies around the contraption. Th
  3. I have been seeing alot of players that dont leave match or stay afk on base, they have a software for disconnect and auto-reconnect all long the match. Doing this he wont be kicked by the "AFK SYSTEM" and also something happens with the report system that the player dont get banned, he is doing this for months.
  4. Dude he has no escape, it's really fucking easy to kill a flint, if that's a problem, lower his atk range man. If I see a flint on the other team, it's win guaranteed, so easy to kill/counter. Most easy-to-win carry on the game
  5. Nitro first ability is really useless in early and late game, here is my suggestion: Change his first ability function to: Target an enemy to enhance your attack with strong bullets and deals bonus damage on your attacks, 15/30/45/60 bonus damage. Change mana cost to 6/10/14/18. When overdrive is active, ballistic is auto-casted if you have enough mana, half mana while overdrive is active.
  6. Bro, your rework is very nice, but this hero needs a change to survive more, any hero like Sand Wraith, grinex, night hound, nomad, every single assassin can kill flint beastwood really fast, 2 atks/skills and he is dead. He is one of the worst heros for 5x5 match, almost 40% win rate. If I see a flint on the other team, its like 100% guaranted win, because is really easy to counter flint and kill him really fast.
  7. 20/30 minutes to search a match is fine?
  8. With the kick I agree, but with replace? no man please
  9. BiigHouse

    New Heroes

    Do you guys have any projects to come back and create new heroes on the game?
  10. he is also 42% win rate, any hero can kill him 2 skills sharing worst winrate with his friends wildsoul, nitro and shadowblade
  11. Flint Beastwood need a buff or a rework, see this: Flint lvl 1 stats: 492 hp 36-42 damage, stats by lvl, str: 1,7, agi: 2,9, int: 2,6 Sniper (Dota 2 similar hero): 580 hp 40-46 damage, stats by lvl, str: 2, agi: 3,2, int: 2,6 My suggestion: Change flint base stats hp to 540, damage to 40-46 and str by level to 2,1
  12. That photo dont show his stats, maybe he has kongors, I dont know. I see alot of bad players doing shadowblade, he has low win rate. I play with him since he launched, it's a really good hero Maybe you consider an analytics on him to make more viable to increase his win ratE?
  13. Hello, im here to talk about shadowblade Shadowblade: The last change on him it was a nerf, his attributes gain by level changed from 2,5 to 2,2, the win percentage of this hero is 42%. My suggestion is: Change his attributes gain from Q/W/E to 20 at max level, or maybe change his gain by level to 2.3/2.4. Please consider my suggestion and make an analysis
  14. BiigHouse


    Guys, there is any proxy good to play NA server without lag, playing from Brazil? Brazilian server has too many trolls and in the 1700's takes like 10-35 min to search matchs, and most of them is 1500 vs 1700
  15. I had so manymatches with him before, his role has changed, isn't hard carry anymore. He had a unique mechanic, not a single game have that, LOL, Dota, only in hon It's sad how the heroes is changing so hard on game
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