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  1. Pearl's ultimate is an example of how it got much weaker, Jera's ult, Monarch chrysalis, Martyr Guardian Angel, Engineers mines, Flux ult, are just a few examples...
    And i have a good PC, but my fps still dropping to 35/45 😞

  2. I miss the S2... when the supports were really strong and weren't always nerfed or modified, now they're all weak and very easy to counter! Items like nullfire blade (which shouldn't remove buffs) and Spell Sunder are ridiculously strong and cheap! For example, I really liked to play with Engineer mines, now they are only useful after level 3 and against weak heroes, and I don't understand why it's 3/3/4/5 and not 3/4/5/6, or only 6 as it used to be for many years...
    it's these meaningless nerfs on already weak heroes that make people lose the will to play!!


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