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  1. Purpose: Alternative option for both Runed cleaver and Symbol of Rage Components: Loggers Hatchet [225] + Helm of the Dominator [1800] + warhammer [1600] + recipe [1000] Total Cost: 4625 thoughts Hatchet as a build up item, helm as a cost effective again build up item, warhammer costly yet effective damage increase, high recipe meaning you must farm for awhile to acquire this new farm enhancing item. Stats: +45 damage +6 armor +5 HP regeneration +22% life steal +30 damage against non enemy hero units ____ First Form [Ranged Heroes Only] Active: Skill Shot
  2. I think adding a mini stun to the whip could be interesting, but i'd suggest also to increase the cd the of the whip if you do so. As for the rest Gladi is pretty op in lane. A mini stun would increase his utility rather then as a "carry hero"
  3. I just don't think rally needs any buffs, If anything he needs nerfs. So you'd have to take something out of his other abilities to make your suggestions viable.
  4. Allow wards to be self deniable. it takes 20 seconds for a ward to kill itself if an enemy begins attacking the ward it no longer attempts to kill its self. This will not refund any gold. Reasoning: Strategic ward placement that is no longer required due to lane pushing etc. Other: Mistakes involving blocking camps Cons: Players intentionally dening all wards but they could just place them anyway.. the off chance an enemy hero attempts to kill a ward and does not meet the 20 second timer.
  5. Probably just Harkons blade verse Void does not allow predator ultimate to Proc, not sure if staff or twinblade has any implications. https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulDeliciousPhoneThisIsSparta-R-fYUv6n7qg70wUF
  6. Looks lame to me, after just hearing it from you I found some gameplay and must say i'd rather just play WoW or something else. Combat looks boring enemies lack design but then again i did not watch much.
  7. i got one 1 - Hamburger Knight Ability 1: Burger Style: Every attack launches a burger in a random direction around the Burger Knight, if an ally is hit they gain 200/300/400/500 life if an enemy is hit they are stunned for a total of 4 seconds. Ability 2: Enlargement: The Burger Knight increases his size by 2/3/4/5 fold and a shield equal to his maximum hp, reducing the shield reduces the size of the Burger Knight accordingly. Ability 3: ITs all Burger: The Burger Knight smiles at his target and dashes towards them, if contact is made they're stunned for 4 seconds; with th
  8. I would also like a function to mute everyone once the game initiates after picking phase. Literally no reason at all for there input beyond that point. I always forget to /ic chat and end up discouraged to try or tilted at my team mates, nothing good comes from in game chat.
  9. no, hero is already broken
  10. you instantly dc from a match if u join another game using the same account.
  11. E - Bait/Cheese! -Bait- Target an enemy hero to cause all nearby mouse traps to follow that target and only trigger on that target. additionally causes the target to deal 5/10/15/20% less damage to Scrap alone. Vorax will also prioritize throwing his rocks at this target if in range. Vorax will also attack this target if scrap is attacked within a 1000 range this leash lasts until vorax gets at least 1 hit or scrap leaves 1500 range of target which then puts the skill on a 3 second timer to attack the target vorax will then return to his last position attacking creeps/heroes in his
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