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  1. can you release jade empress hellbringer for silver coins?
  2. Maybe when we were more childish? but most of us are 25ish now and all of us play other games or do other things with our lives. HoN is trash just like Anime is trash but I still watch it.g I got 2k hours in both league and dota 2; and both are non-comparable in terms of entertainment.
  3. if your having problems with your health, try a very fast symbol of rage. I used to get it around 25 or 30 minutes? That will help you survive team fights as if you were late game with symbol of rage. Its been awhile since i've played tarot but i did both the mom and tc builds. Ghosts, Madfreds, Whispering, TC, Shruken, Symbol, Shroud, Ghosts, Madfreds, MoM, Shruken or shroud, Shruken or shroud, genjuro those were the main builds i used, dependant on situations I could see since this is recent but i havent tested Ghosts, Madfreds, Whispering, Faux Bow, Shield Breaker,
  4. She is one of my go to characters on EU server for high rated games. Well used to be, considering I don't play EU at all anymore or tarot. Shes easy to play and ping really isn't much of a factor. With that being said. . . Tarot is an A Tier carry, her crits alone can make or break a match. Alot of people are having trouble because as you mentioned she can't flash farm. While you're not wrong perhaps you should treat her as like you would a puppet master. You'll find very positive results going Mask of Madness Shroud and Shrunken and just destroying mid-game. If you're preceptive yo
  5. gotcha, and thanks. I would've suggested putting vision on the bomb during the entire throwing but that seems a little busted. As I think bomb probably needs a nerf.
  6. it did feel funny, because im used to seeing it as soon as it lands, but perhaps it should give vision just ever so slightly before it lands?
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/CleanVictoriousAlligatorTheTarFu-cBOh1H0-WAribIXe Thought I might've missed the bomb so I instantly activated it, because I had no idea it landed on BS.
  8. i think you guys are misunderstanding the point.
  9. Casting Q the second time causes bomb to stutter, not sure if this is actually a bug but it does not make sense regardless. Also after casting Q the second time you have to re issue an order.
  10. like i said, i could find more prominent ones where I do not make mistakes. I like the aspect of tdl mid because you have to have near perfect execution, however that gk deserved to die and be punished for his play, but instead im the one punished because a tree blocked my vision on my last auto attack. I'll look for others but it'll take me some time, where I do not make any mistakes what so ever. However it'd just be nice to not need to always play 100% and have a little leeway in an off meta role.
  11. here's a clip, https://clips.twitch.tv/ArbitrarySmellyChipmunkCharlietheUnicorn-ShCLmafWI3QcCRJ_ I could go find more prominent ones where i dont mistake the initial block, but as you can see i clearly was winning; then died due to lose of vision. That is the turning point of that particular match.
  12. i like to think of the community patch as outrageous things and this to be more serious concerns or suggestions. but idk im not the one who made it.
  13. so you think tdl is a god tier hero right now? Don't get me wrong, when played correctly she is a force to be reckoned with. When played as a short lane farmer she has this brain dead style of rushing cleaver into just farming shruken sny right? Might it be more interesting to have some sort of viability to do something else more unique? Perhaps if a target is applied Dark Blades into Taint Soul they're revealed for 2 seconds. Same sort of buff but less of a buff.
  14. You got a point, but I'd just like her to have a slight bit more viability to be played as a middle hero. The main issue is when chasing a typical hero they just run to the trees, even if you've out played them hard they end up turning really simply. Actually in this past week about 5 times this has happened, where they get away due to tree vision and majority of the time get a return kill. Ofc theres ways around this, such as blocking movement and dust etc. It would just be nice if you have the proper jump, the proper blockling, and get 4ish autos off before they reach tower, to have a higher
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