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  1. Well can we just lower the leaver percentage penalty then? That should be easy doable ?
  2. Hi, so i was playing today with a high ranked player who was instantaneouly leaving games on picking phase, was online afterwards and requed. Atleast we got the games remade. Is and how is that reportable? Can i make screenshots of that action, collect these and report? Best Physiker
  3. Just consider, being 1200, flaming EU after he done so much for this game and balance in detail (he fixed nearly everything in some months, what wza corrupted over years), cause your newb-snowball hero adrenaline gets nerfed
  4. Hi my Bro, its the same for me. Hon evolved more and more towards a grief game with a lot of negative feelings ( inc. the feeling of wasting time and nerves) involved. Mostly people 3 man queing, stomping and permanetly trash talking. The games just felt much too unbalanced and devided by smurfing veterans vs. random ruskis games. Years ago i had alot of 50:50 games going into late game with alot of tension. Nowadays games are decided after 3 min when then random ruski died 5 times to the enemy carry. The old times with more balance and stable game quality are long time ago. So in the
  5. Fayde ulti got double nerfed now? Yes Fayde was slightly too strong, but far from OP. Especially since Codex got nerfed now. Considering an relative nerf of 33% from 30% --> 20% at lvl 16. The reduction to 20% feels too strong considering the ulti of scout especially: Target an enemy to channel for 1.5 seconds.After channeling completes, fires a shot that ministuns the target, deals 250 plus 10 / 20 / 30% of target's maximum Health in Magic Damage and applies -20 / -30 / -40% Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
  6. I have seen the Mom Pickup on her multiple times but always thought that this is even more counterintuitive, regarding her 700hp early on. But the glasscanon build is the only build which seems easonable on her. Dawnbringer pickup on her is kinda bad.
  7. So in General Tarot is a really cool design and the concept of the ultimate build-in damage/crit dealer is pretty unique. However, atleast within higher brackets, i do not see her picked or if she is mostly getting stomped. In my eyes her biggest drawback is that she lacks multiple factors at once, which other (squish agility) carries do not have: - No escape / Disjoint / mobility / Space creator ability (in comparison to: Chronos, Scout, Bushwack...) - No spell against anti-Magic Burst (in comparison to: Pred, Anachra, SB) - No flashfarming ability (Fa) - Kongor
  8. Actually the buff is too much. You can neither react with sh nor with a stun. So yes it needs to be reverted to a certain extent.
  9. Chill fid1, calm your titties . In general I like the idea of the rework. Heroes with Burst and high manapool need to be aware of their positioning and how they spent their mana. To make the hero more active and ennjoyable to play i would propose the following 2 additions. At the moment the hero feels like: I blink onto an enemy, I autoattack and i click "E" for once and the spells are active as long as i live. Further, it feels a little bit stupid as his Q isnt snyergizing well with a slow attackspeed. 1) Make his "Q" also active clickable, the way it was original in
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss thanks alot to EU. If he would have been in power beforehand, HON would be different. Nightmare-Visions of WZA's reworked heroes come to my mind once in a while. I would like to see the australian Benzington. Its Esports, but its tooo cool to been seen so rarely!!!
  11. Hi EU, as the patch is delayed i was wondering whether some notes can be published prior to the release date? Besides can you give a glimpse on whether the perma-banned heroes such as TB, Adrenaline, Bramble, MK and Klanx can small/minor adjustments. Cheers a fellow D2-Player
  12. Hi all, as said before very nice patch. But the PR buff is way too much - 15seconds on E is crazy. You deny way too much gold with E early on - just keep the medium camp warded ofc. Besides you can permantly stack and take ancients while being available in the game. Please reset the values in between something of old and new.
  13. Perfect patch! - Stupid Artierlly nerfed (hero adds nothing to the game besides turtling and hiding) - Ardenaline nerf (Hero was banned permanetly. Ppl abused him to smurf up to legendary) - Flint nerf (good and much needed) All i asked for ...
  14. Hi Pesti, i think its not allowed to point out people so i wont confirm here. Nevertheless it is not only 1 guy but more who tend to do it in high mmr. The most frustrating thing thereby is, that it is hard to report as leaving as such for once isnt banable. So somehow you need to track a certain person to justify that he does in highly frequent manner. So there i personally would high appreciate an automatic punishment for the related people by heavily reducing their mmr with each leave or a block of some minutes to join the next game.
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