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  1. Hi EU, as the patch is delayed i was wondering whether some notes can be published prior to the release date? Besides can you give a glimpse on whether the perma-banned heroes such as TB, Adrenaline, Bramble, MK and Klanx can small/minor adjustments. Cheers a fellow D2-Player
  2. Hi all, as said before very nice patch. But the PR buff is way too much - 15seconds on E is crazy. You deny way too much gold with E early on - just keep the medium camp warded ofc. Besides you can permantly stack and take ancients while being available in the game. Please reset the values in between something of old and new.
  3. Perfect patch! - Stupid Artierlly nerfed (hero adds nothing to the game besides turtling and hiding) - Ardenaline nerf (Hero was banned permanetly. Ppl abused him to smurf up to legendary) - Flint nerf (good and much needed) All i asked for ...
  4. Hi Pesti, i think its not allowed to point out people so i wont confirm here. Nevertheless it is not only 1 guy but more who tend to do it in high mmr. The most frustrating thing thereby is, that it is hard to report as leaving as such for once isnt banable. So somehow you need to track a certain person to justify that he does in highly frequent manner. So there i personally would high appreciate an automatic punishment for the related people by heavily reducing their mmr with each leave or a block of some minutes to join the next game.
  5. This discussion is not related to the question whether someone should earn x mmr related to his own MMR, but instead that the leaver-punishment shouldnt be linked to potential gain/loss of mmr within a game. Why should leaver punishment be related to the gain/loss? It encourages people who are off the medium mmr of a game to just simply leave as there isnt a punishment at all.
  6. Yes i hope EU comments on that issue. Its fine if the ask for a remake. However, besides the rmk+leave topic, its not the first time the Legendary insta mid caller gets rekt and leaves with an comic such as "lol -1 mmr". Hope, we can implement a fixxed -mmr asap.
  7. Hi all, Hi Eu, yesterday a specific high MMR left the game after 5min, since getting rekt mid. He lost 2x0.4 mmr which is neglectable. Today same guy got twice into my game, asking for an instant rmk, cause he would only gain 0.4mmr. He twice left the game via "rmk or i leave", what he then also did. Could we please just add a basic -10mmr, when a player leaves. Why is this related to what he wins or gains? It does not make sense at all. Could we just get a method to counter this behavior. Thx
  8. Lightbrand, Frozen Light, Searing Light, Dawnbringer, Grimoire of Power- The Searing state is no longer applied in a 200 radius. So is this still a valid farming item pickup? So if I understand correctly you have to swap targets permanetely? However, stacks ect should be a problem now for searing?!
  9. A must for a 4vs5 remake would be very good in my eyes if the leaver drops completly out of the game within the first 3min or something. However, only if the leaver - if its on purpose - gets like -15mmr. I have seen alot of games with a legendary player leaving losing 2*0.4 mmr only. I would propose a fixxed -15 mmr no matter if the game is remade or not to establish a solid punishment. I dont even know whether he get -mmr if the game is being remade immediately.
  10. EU, would it be a nice Gimmick to put some corpses somewhere to the Kongorspit which Balph or Gravekeeper could pick up? Cheers P.
  11. Hey Guys, is there a educatinal on how to jungle with Balph. Somehow i remeber that you could pick up corpses somewhere close to a building at hellborne? Cheers P.
  12. - PM = Yes change in E is needed. - Elder needs a nerf 110%. An ultra early pickup on pred, magebane, pm was just stupid to handle. The biggest dislike i have with respect to the item is that it can be used for jungle, for hunting down heroes, plus escaping ect... offers too much especially early on. - Book removing hex and other high gold items is just retarded. It comepletly nullyfies the idea of locking down someone who misspositioned. " oh i got hexed. i just use the item and then sh"
  13. I think Elder should be readjusted to values between the old and the new numbers. This biggest issue i have with the item are the +10 in dmg and a relative reduction of dmg amp with respect to the old numbers of 20% (15%->12%). The items offers too much now with respect to stack-farming, escaping, dmg-output ect... I see it picked permapicked on heroes such as pred, fa, rav, puppet, ... Just some data - even not the highest ranked games - within the last days:
  14. I dont get the BS staff effect. So the procs on autoattack are removed but instead you can cast an additional fireball with your ulti as a seperate spell? I dont get it
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