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  1. Hello Frostburn Studios i have done nothing wrong and i have tried like 10 account logins now and logged in on HONRAP, to see if i got a ban for zero reasons? well i have not. I asked a couple of friends and they cannot log in either and keep in mind two of these friends play HoN 2 times per month maybe more some times i don't know but they can't log in either what is wrong?
  2. A new season should not be made because many people don't like the way of fighting their stats up every single season that is no good so i think me and many more like that the seasons are removed.
  3. You can actually just buy him in the shop easy now. before it was a gold collection i think.
  4. Well Casual mode is such a nice fun mode when you are tierd for example and want more chill relaxed gaming or whatever... I wan't it back and hopefully the frostburn members can try make it again it just has to be as normal mode in every way all the difference is that the casual mode is aplied nothing else. Same silver same everything it is simply a casual mode in the same map and all.
  5. Hello Frostburn studios i just have a question for you. Is it a bug or did you choose to make it this way? There are alot of throwback and pog skins to buy, But certain skins like in this case i would love to have throwback forsaken archer for example, why is it that you removed the purchase option for this skin but other throwback skins are open for a purchase?? Please open up all pog and throwback skins since they are not anything extreme just people like me maybe likes the old skins better.
  6. Okey that i did not know at all... Well alot of people i know they like casual mode. And it's nice for people with some change sometimes. I know in Thailand or in countries with Garena useage, They have casual mode and it is very active. I just believe it will create a whole new level of fun in HoN again and i and more people think they should create it. I mean it can't hurt to just add the mode and casual mode stats?
  7. Okey, i got you man, I know that there are more people who does exactly that one thing you just wrote. My self i like normal, But i would love to have some casal mode fun sometimes and i know there are 50% of HoN players thinking the same so they should create it.
  8. Hello Frostburn Studios! I i just wonder is it possible for you to create the old fun casual mode for the people!? Just the mode with the map and everything the way it is. Just add casual mode stats and the mode
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