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  1. Oh, there is it, thanks!
  2. I swear to god I saw an item that did +20% healing, but I can't find it anymore. Surely I didn't dream, right? Right?
  3. I mean, I know it's just some silly "achievements" that don't do anything and that the feature is pretty much abandonned, but.. I just realized in my last game that Grinex got "most wards" and "most denies", when he didn't. I got "most buildings destroyed" when I didn't destroy any, Accursed got "highest level" even though he's not, etc.
  4. You can see your mastery levels - In your profile, Mastery tab - If you click a hero in the learnatorium - If you mouseover a hero in the pick screen But as far as I know you don't see exactly what you get per game
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