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  1. I update the post, after I created the topic I proposed to test my point by reading several reply, I will start: 1. Play 25 games in jungle (with friends and in only queue) with someone who knows how to play suicidal and with someone who knows how to play the short line alone (without a support) and I can say that we lost 60% of the games. 2. Our range of all the party because in some we became 5 players not 3 was only between gold 2 to diamond 2 3. Both the suicidal player and the lone carry said that the hero who goes jungle generates an imbalance if or if in either of t
  2. I write this pleading for a nerf to the jungle in the early stage, since there are few players who make a good performance in the jungle in the early phase, usually the players who go jungle from minute 0 force the other 4 of the team to settle and generally risk losing a line and that enemy hero grabs advantage over even in some cases the same mid, I suggest that the jungle creeps give less gold and experience at the beginning of the game and that at minute 10 onwards (usually here ends the stage of lines) and give the amount of gold they give at the moment they can "but in this way we would
  3. The event page announces that when playing 10 games a reward will be given in the same way when playing 20 games (this reward is achieved by having played with friends) with my party we have participated in the event actively and we have already completed both the FoC games and we They gave the corresponding reward but those of MidWars has not arrived, we do not see that it has been granted (I reiterate although we already meet the conditions of this) is there a problem with the event? Has it been decided not to award a bonus for playing MidWars?
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