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  1. Hello Dear Frostburn Staff,

    I propose that you retain the active ability(as a sub-ability besides active lifesteal) of Whispering Helm after upgrading the item to Symbol of Rage due to the following reasons:

    1. It is reasonable that an upgraded version of an item should not remove, but rather improve its stats(including active abilities). Some examples are Thunderclaw>Hypercrown, Helm of the Black legion>Ultor's Heavy Helm, Dawnbringer's item series, Shaman's Headdress>Barrier Idol, and many other items. In fact, it is the only item in the game that experiences removal of an ability upon upgrade.

    2. This also allows the item's active ability, as well as the dominated creep's active/passive abilities, to remain effective even at late-game stages, adding more variety to late-game team-fights and overall game-play scenarios since Symbol of Rage will now allow you to control ancient creeps{you can control an ancient creep once during the game, so it does not demolish Parasite and Ophelia's ability}.

    I look forward to your consideration of my proposal and thank you for giving me the opportunity to suggest.

    Best Regards

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