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  1. well GL if i have a flint on my team i will go pearl and push you away. bro its a team game. you don't rely on 1 hero to do everything. beside you jsut get shroud and u good until they dust u. but gl & hf
  2. It's like you don't put in consideration that he has freaking long range? and there are many heroes that can die in 2skill combo? git gud or how they say
  3. I have not in my 60games played seen that MVP title. You sure it's not a myth?
  4. I think it would be cool if you could pick between all as MVP. As a main support i rarely get kills, but i still feel I sometimes should atleast earn a place between the chosen MVP's. I know ofc that it has no effect to the gameplay but maybe could also encourage more to pick support.
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