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  1. Had to wait till Element reply. He's the only one that knows if things can be implemented or no.
  2. Just use RAP. http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  3. I mean that's how the LoL Shop works. Dota2 Shop also has a "queue" quickbuy. So you can quick-buy items, just by pressing a bind key.
  4. Yeah, i mean. I just play midwars cause that, there is no way to play normal games in FoC. And the public lobby is awfully lonely.
  5. Just for the record, i wrote login in console: This is what happens : Console: http://i.prntscr.com/zMrU-L4tRYeGD_Y8V7P-iA.png Game: http://i.prntscr.com/Izj-VUAqQbSs6BsGKw78aw.png Update: I fix it, AVAST fuck all my files up. I just deactivate it.
  6. If you really think that people in the internet actually care about your opinion, you are really wrong my man. The problem of the HoN community is other issue. We can see that you are part of that problem, cause you want the things be like you want, and let me tell you something, that is not how games works. You think a balanced item that boost mgc damage is just broken, cause your brain cant work properly. Is a expensive item, if a Pyromancer got Shard+PK+Grimm, it means that he got the lead, if he got lead, that mean that he plays better than you or he's lane opponent. I mean he spend lot
  7. Sadly, he cant buy braincells in game.
  8. A massive outage struck large swaths of the Internet early Tuesday, causing the New York Times, CNN, BBC, Amazon, Hulu and other high-traffic websites and platforms to temporarily shut down. Did you feel that your internet is worst today ?
  9. Oh okay, so the game we will be the same. No new cosmetics or something like that? I read that HoN has been active since 2020 which was the year we were forced to be home. And I thought that it had been revived just for that, however on other websites I read that since 2019 it has been stable, receiving patches although only balance. I will continue looking for information, thank you very much. Still pretty good.
  10. There is nothing to fix, please learn about the game...
  11. Use RAP, and i got an advice for you. The title is quite exaggerated and it shows that more than because it was racist, it has another background.
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