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  1. Link to console.log Picture on image.bb i could not insert image from URL https://ibb.co/HX60pNH
  2. Is anyone else having this issue, no support from HON SUPPORT tickets, i'm told there is no Bans on my account, no negative feedback. Redirected to here which there seems no official support, Played this game since inception, haven't change anything, reinstalled, followed all direction in troubleshooting. Seems like multiple people are experiencing the same. Is this something we could apply for class action?? i mean I've spent a lot of money in this game not sure about others?? it seem like i've hit a dead end, what can i do???? I don't really want to play DOTA cause i like HON!
  3. Have added ports on router as recommended and exceptions to bit defender. Still no fix to issue. Bit defender did auto connect to its VPN during using HON app so maybe this has confused your server as to verifying my identity? Can you please look into my account and check there is not issue on your end? I can login but cannot join servers
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