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  1. i can pass the process of an identity verification leading to a chat and MM server connecting failure. i have contacted customer service. there has been no reply so far. its been 3 days already! what is happening?????? i can use other accounts to log into chat and MM servers except for this account. there appear to be other users facing the same issue!
  2. i also cant play. what the heck fb?
  3. its not about using or not using vpn. they prevent you from enterting a server.
  4. so far my account has not been able to connect to the chat and matchmaking servers after contacting Customer Service. neither has no one replied to the email. is there anyone still working? is this a discrimination against a player?
  5. i contacted them since yesturday. they turn blind eyes on me
  6. they dont ban me for using vpn. before this issue i dont have to use vpn at all. i can play normally. the first day i couldnt get in a chat server and matchmaking, i log another acc into a chat and other players said the gm put me on a baby ban from a server connection. they told me to use vpn cuz they banned my recent ip address. so i use vpn and it worked. they really ban me like a shadow ban. then after reporting a player misconduct and posting a comment on this forum, they banned my acc no matter if i use vpn or not. i read other previous forum players got the same issue. they say the sa
  7. i can play other accounts but this account cant be logged into a chatserver and matchmaking. i disagree with you. i got banned from entering into a chatserver and MM. if its on a technical issue, other accounts will not be able to get in MM and chatsevers as well. why only this account????
  8. after a post of my opinion about gauntlet's abilities, now i cant log onto a chat server and matchmaking though i use VPN. even before this i dont have to use VPn and i can log in and play matchmaking normally. do you ban me for this? are you discriminating against me for expressing this opinion? before this i can log into the server and MM normally. why cant i log onto chatservers and matchnmaking any more. do you have a rancor against me? i have a lot of suspicion against a gm. do you do it?
  9. you give Guantlet a very bad hook range, very narrow cast/skill range. plus, when i use the ultimate ability against a group of enemies, i cant hit other enemies stunned along wtih a hero charged/spelled by an ulti abilility. an arrow throw of valk got a way better and broader range. so disappointing!
  10. i also cant connect to matchmaking.
  11. does anyone have the same issue of being unable to connect to the chatserver and matchmaking? tried on other accounts i have and they work. can anyone help me? do i got a shadowban ?
  12. i cant connect this account name - quinea, to a chat server and matchmaking modes. only this account doesnt get verified to access to the chat servers and the MM but other accounts work perfectly after logging in. everytime when i log in, the server always says you have been disconnected after 5 attemps of unsuccessful identity verification and reconnection to the servers. do i got a shadowban from a staff from chat servers???? i have not done anything wrong! this is terrible. only this account doest work. help me please!
  13. under this same name of this user - quinea, i cant use this acc name to get access to a chat server and matchmaking after logging in the game. why? do i got a shadowban from a shady staff? i also used different accounts to log in and they can acess to the chatservers and MM. ! i can play normally on those acc. i prefer this acc cuz i got most hero skins on this one. this upsets me very much! everytime i log in, it says you've been disconnected from a chatserver after 5 attempts of reconnecting to the chat server and matchmaking!
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