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  1. Great suggestion. Just had another game ruined by laggers. Our team average ping was 250 vs 61. How the hell is that fair being stuck with pingers. It has happened the last 7+ games in a row for me and I have had enough.
  2. Why is it "auto ticked"? Everything should be "unticked" unless you select it....
  3. Could it be possible for HON to "untick" all regions instead of "ticking" all of them and new regions when they come up? New players start the game and aren't aware of the regions when they join there first few games. I get about 50% of games that are ruined by laggers at over 300ping playing on AU servers from other parts of the world and they all seem to be unaware that it is in AU server. I'm sure other regions are having similar issues. You seriously need to fix this ping issue! I just had a game where our teams average ping was over 250 and the other team was 150ping average. We had
  4. It still doesn't help when you can't communicate with them if they speak a different language, hence the reason I join Australian servers (should be low ping and everyone should speak english ).... which unfortunately isn't the case. I have great ping on Australian servers and it is a big advantage over higher pings, this is why wait in lobby for a while for a server instead of going to US East or West as the ping is too high.
  5. like scrub stated the issue is the game is very hard to play at 300+ ping, that is why I play within my own region. When you have 2+ players in your team with that ping you are almost guaranteed to lose before the game even starts (luck of the draw). Surely they can make the region box bigger or force region block to under 250 ping or something? Something really needs to be done about it. When you have EU players playing in Australia it isnt going to work. There is a reason I don't join EU servers and then complain about lag....
  6. It is so frustrating when they join, feed, lag and don't concede so the game drags out another 20+ minutes. I wish they had the kick feature like they used to for situations like this. Some way of locking regions down to less than 300ping or at least a note before people join games letting them know that the are queueing for a server on the other side of the world.
  7. Absolutely sick to death of playing with people who are joining AU servers from other regions. NO English, Massive lag, feeding, not conceding when the game is lost. It is an absolute joke, can't kick or block them anymore and it has happened for the last few games. This is the reason people don't want to play anymore. Games being ruined by these idiots!!!
  8. I was about to post something similar to this. Nearly every game I join on AU servers it has at least one or 2 people a side complaining of ping and asking for a remake... when this happens every game you don't want to remake. It's a big concern when people from EU or Russia or wherever join a server in AUS as it puts people of playing the game, or they leave and you are down a player.... On a good note it is great to see more AU servers up and running with queue times lower than it was a few months ago.
  9. I noticed whilst playing yesterday that when you fissure multiple heroes and there is a predator with stone skin in the area it disables the fissure for other heroes. Obviously I realise fissure won't work on a predator with stone skin but the hero sitting besides or in range of the fissure should be stunned.
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