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    I've been away from HoN for a while, but can someone explain to me how mastery works? What should I do? :D I currently mostly follow twitch on heroes of newearth. But i will do e Comeback now :)
  2. Wife


    Frostburn is it possible to change that only EU play on eu and RU play on RUl CS GO has that now, Esportal. Only swedish players there. They only talk russins and get mad and then they start toxic start grifiend and leaves game etc.
  3. Wife


    Why cant RU play on RU servers and EU play on EU. Explain for me,. Ru players are so bad toxic. Disable Eu gor the. So just tjey onlu plau pm RU. In CS:GO they have esportal IINT and that they have made only Swedish players so other ppl cant join.
  4. Ok i understand. Wow it will come back. There are many HoN players who want it back so. Thanks for the answer. Hope we can see it in 2022
  5. Wife


    Have you FB thinked about, that players leaves from beginning phase? is there anything you can do to stop it? Maybe fix so you can not leave games? Would be good since many ppl leaves games cuz they for example see stats......
  6. Please can ElementUser or someone else staff answer this :D:D Will it come back?
  7. Yes it was. I really hope it's comeback. Was hella fun! Maybe a staff can please answer this
  8. Hello Will War effort comeback please? /w
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