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  1. I hope someone will bring back lan support so we can play with friends and log into our accounts.
  2. Wich year is that ? So you dont update the game with patches ? Which heroes are u missing?
  3. You are right. I love this game. Hope they can fix something after the shutdown. Lan support or something so we can still play with friends. (But i doubt that.)
  4. That would be awesome
  5. You think they will bring it back ?
  6. Is it gonna go/feels smoother if you have 144+ hertz monitor when you play dota2?
  7. Ok No lan support at all so we can still play with friends?
  8. So we cant log in? So our accounts just dissappears? How can we start game in commands without any account to log in with?
  9. Can we still log into our accounts and play against bots/practice mode after the shutdown?
  10. Ive played alot of dota1
  11. Hopefully announcers, smackdowns/taunt. Why dota2 seems so slow? HoN is more faster it seems.
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