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  1. Goodbye everyone and thanks to all staff, admins, S2 games, frostburn and garena. Was a great moba! I had fun these years Moving on to dota and dont forget to try the dota mode "HeroesofnewDota" see you there Shoutout to @AngryTestie, best HoN streamer #1
  2. Jigglebilly is streaming HoN again! The best devouer world wide!
  3. Yes it would. I had hope for HoN 5.0. Yes everything with HoN is good. Sad we lost the playerbase.
  4. Can someone gift me streaker couirer?
  5. Why would they delete accounts ? Can we have a confirm about that? Let the accounts be. You are already shutting down the best MOBA game. Many ppl have spend alot of $$$
  6. That would be awesome. You think we can have FoC map aswell? Creeps? "Mods" work in dota2? You should start a thread about it so we know how to do it
  7. You all know that you can have dota 2 avatars into HoN. Can we port HoN avatars into dota 2?
  8. I hope someone will bring back lan support so we can play with friends and log into our accounts.
  9. Wich year is that ? So you dont update the game with patches ? Which heroes are u missing?
  10. You should ask garena if possible
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