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  1. This may have a solution. Get back with CASUAL games and set a minimal LVL to play ranked.. Or like, 10 bot matchs (And earn 400 silver), + 10 mid wars (+200), just to get the interest of new players and don't let nb play rankeds with low lvl. But like, Sub-accounts you can't do too much, they will get their real rank back in the acc sometime.
  2. Match: ******** - WarBeast is the AvoidingAFK user. Everytimes that he gets into the AFK time, he dc from the game and reconect right after, then, he's not afk anymore.. By the way it looks, was like some software doing that. I've tried to move him just a little, in the base, to see if he returns to base and????! Nothing... He was literally afk.
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