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  1. We've asked many times before, at this point not even FoC has a functioning ladder, so I'd say our chances are pretty slim.
  2. Looking at the match stats again, it could be the terminated blacksmith's jade that the flint dropped (for some reason). If so sorry for posting this
  3. Just played a midwars, where the enemy flint bought and dropped a jade spire (didn't think this was even possible), on top of this though, the jade spire was visible to us the enemy. He didn't terminate and his item was just on the ground beside legion melee barracks. I picked up the jade as the grinex Match ID 162476301 not sure of the exact ingame time, but it was around 15minutes or so in.
  4. Just wanted to also mention that the vast majority of heroes that are considered 'cancerous' aka very strong are ranged heroes. Ah imagine a mode without thunderbringer and vindicator, im feeling happier just thinking about it.
  5. So for a while we've had the issue expressed by many that people in high mmr midwars players take the game too seriously and towerhug waiting for pk gold on their initiators and what not. Just now I've played a game where 8/10 heroes picked were melee and the action was constant and awesome, made me want to create this thread to suggest the implementation of an all melee mode. A few of my friends suggested to just make it an all strength mode, but flux and draco could jeopardise the fun of that mode then. When all heroes are melee, this urges players to go into the river for lasthits etc.
  6. TehNubZar

    Pegasus boots

    You can target yourself with your own pegasus boots, don't think this is intended so reporting it. - Thanks
  7. After 2020, this is what we need. please do it fb! #BringBatteryBack
  8. I just realised you can use runes for this "trick" too, that's actually a big one. And even wards, dropped items and gadgets such as your own totems. My friend Jimmeh and I have looked more into this and found that you can use this "trick" simply by going to drop an item, or targeting another entity with an item/spell (e.g. codex, hatchet, or even taunt). The dropping item trick is really the 'kicker' though, as that requires no target to perform. - Thanks
  9. So back in October I reported the bug (that seemingly occurred randomly) on WarChief W, where the hero would continue walking after casting W and it wouldn't cancel. After looking into it, I found a way to duplicate this bug, by clicking on a object (e.g. tower/LANE creep - has to be an ally) for your hero to go to/follow and then pressing W. This seems to work every time. I hope this helps, and I hope I explained it well enough. Cheers.
  10. Alternatively you could build a few items that give movement speed (that aren't boots), like stormspirit and dawnbringer. It's not ideal, but its there. I would also be totally down for a midwar boss change up, dropping dooms and perma buffs. Zorg and Trans are reeeeal stale.
  11. Hey, This is mainly aimed to be a mode for mws rather than FoC in regards to tmm, hosted games could use it too. The basic idea is that each team randoms the same 5 heroes (that they can swap amongst themselves). This mode has the same fun as AR but would be more fair in the sense that both teams would have the same picks. Also you'll get more interesting situations ingame where the same heroes are fighting eachother. I'm am also open to suggestions, such as maybe each team could get at least 1 str/int and agi hero for some sense of variety. I love the sound of this, please
  12. TehNubZar

    Warchief W

    Perhaps it was this from the July patch (one before last)? Bit surprised no one reported this, I know wc aint really popular but still.
  13. I like this idea, except I wouldn't limit it to a particular time of the day so both NA and EU are happy, Saturday and/or Sunday. Team deathmatch and CTF are my favourite 'minigames'.
  14. TehNubZar

    Warchief W

    Sorry if this was already reported, but I couldn't see it anywhere, Basically Warchief W is bugged as of last patch, the horn blowing animation on W cast is gone, so now instead he's just standing there glowing. Worse yet, sometimes warchief continues to walk forward when he's channelling W, this bug is a bit tricky to replicate but I have a replay where it happened. (please excuse the crude account name ?) Match ID: 160065810 Ingame timer : 16:49, Replay timer : 19:04 Near rune, legion side as I'm coming down the hill and use W the hero continues to walk a
  15. I would suggest just a minor rework to E, as it is currently very one-dimensional and uninteresting. Either an aura that deals damage to enemies depending on spell mana cost (like before) or an aura that heals magebane for the mana use of enemies. The magic armour could either be reattached to W after use or a passive component of E (but less than it is currently, to compensate). Side note; having a powerful aura might actually make magebane less than complete trash in midwars, but I know its FoC we care about most.
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