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  1. I just realised you can use runes for this "trick" too, that's actually a big one. And even wards, dropped items and gadgets such as your own totems. My friend Jimmeh and I have looked more into this and found that you can use this "trick" simply by going to drop an item, or targeting another entity with an item/spell (e.g. codex, hatchet, or even taunt). The dropping item trick is really the 'kicker' though, as that requires no target to perform. - Thanks
  2. So back in October I reported the bug (that seemingly occurred randomly) on WarChief W, where the hero would continue walking after casting W and it wouldn't cancel. After looking into it, I found a way to duplicate this bug, by clicking on a object (e.g. tower/LANE creep - has to be an ally) for your hero to go to/follow and then pressing W. This seems to work every time. I hope this helps, and I hope I explained it well enough. Cheers.
  3. Alternatively you could build a few items that give movement speed (that aren't boots), like stormspirit and dawnbringer. It's not ideal, but its there. I would also be totally down for a midwar boss change up, dropping dooms and perma buffs. Zorg and Trans are reeeeal stale.
  4. Hey, This is mainly aimed to be a mode for mws rather than FoC in regards to tmm, hosted games could use it too. The basic idea is that each team randoms the same 5 heroes (that they can swap amongst themselves). This mode has the same fun as AR but would be more fair in the sense that both teams would have the same picks. Also you'll get more interesting situations ingame where the same heroes are fighting eachother. I'm am also open to suggestions, such as maybe each team could get at least 1 str/int and agi hero for some sense of variety. I love the sound of this, please
  5. TehNubZar

    Warchief W

    Perhaps it was this from the July patch (one before last)? Bit surprised no one reported this, I know wc aint really popular but still.
  6. I like this idea, except I wouldn't limit it to a particular time of the day so both NA and EU are happy, Saturday and/or Sunday. Team deathmatch and CTF are my favourite 'minigames'.
  7. TehNubZar

    Warchief W

    Sorry if this was already reported, but I couldn't see it anywhere, Basically Warchief W is bugged as of last patch, the horn blowing animation on W cast is gone, so now instead he's just standing there glowing. Worse yet, sometimes warchief continues to walk forward when he's channelling W, this bug is a bit tricky to replicate but I have a replay where it happened. (please excuse the crude account name ?) Match ID: 160065810 Ingame timer : 16:49, Replay timer : 19:04 Near rune, legion side as I'm coming down the hill and use W the hero continues to walk a
  8. I would suggest just a minor rework to E, as it is currently very one-dimensional and uninteresting. Either an aura that deals damage to enemies depending on spell mana cost (like before) or an aura that heals magebane for the mana use of enemies. The magic armour could either be reattached to W after use or a passive component of E (but less than it is currently, to compensate). Side note; having a powerful aura might actually make magebane less than complete trash in midwars, but I know its FoC we care about most.
  9. I feel like if you're really good at a "mediocre" hero, that elevates it up a tier or 2. And likewise if you're bad at a hero or have bad experiences with them you're gonna rate it lower. In addition to this, some heroes are obviously better in particular match ups and in combination with other heroes, where as individually in a vacuum they could be considered weak. E.g. Torturer is a god tier hero in my eyes, but if you're against a bunch of silence he's gonna feel worse and also if you cant/dont play him well enough (itemization/skill wise). Tort is like DR in the sense he can
  10. Crtl + F8 to open console then enter, Bind NUM3 allchat "Text here" This is the command I know, try altering allchat to teamchat or just chat and the bind key is from your keyboard number pad (make sure num lock is on). Side note, there is also a bunch of colour text effects you can use, for example; ^%p^r^: first part with make the text purple with red outline and the last "^:" will make it glow. Side Side note, you can just alt click on a hero portrait on the side and then use the ping wheel to indicate a missing hero (just in case you were not aware). Hope
  11. That queue would probably take ages to pop anyway, as your rank disparity is great and the region server selected has low popularity (I'm guessing you're queuing off peak time?). Could just be the fact normal mode isn't as popular as casual in SEA. Either way, good luck finding a game <3.
  12. But what if the creep is hitting your shrine with low hp and the only way to stop it in time is to use ulti? Nah but seriously, if we do this, also make Succ/pyro/panda ulti unable to hit creep.
  13. @MacroHard hmm yes yes, but what does it mean.
  14. Well the NA/EU client reverted its midwar map, if that's what you're asking. And right now there's an event happening, snotter boss instead of transmute/zorgath with "bounty runes" floating down the river constantly (all in the most recent patch notes). Not a heck of a lot balance changes, patches are getting far and few between. One change I'd note in particular is Jade spire becoming a 2k gold spell range increaser item instead of a magic damage symbol of rage. Also Arclight crown is more or less charged hammer again with minor differences.
  15. There's a big difference with adjusting stat growth to adjusting starting gold, EU has already reverted the stat growth changes (which I feel is understandable) as it confused players that play both modes too much. I don't think adjusting the starting gold would really "confuse" anyone. So I've been playing midwars since 2011 (calculated upwards of 7.5k games) when they were being hosted on the FoC map, and when the actual midwar map first came out (with the dogkaiser/pandaroohoo showmatch), I always thought it was a bit strange how the teleport inside each base only teleported you a shor
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